Boys Lacrosse Co-Captain Preston Whitehurst ’22 Leads Through Meticulous Organization and Straightforwardness

Co-Captain Preston Whitehurst ’22 began playing lacrosse in second grade alongside his younger brother. Among other aspects that drew Whitehurst to the sport, lacrosse allowed him to form a special bond with his brother. On the Andover team, he has been able to enjoy working with people of different playing styles and backgrounds.

Whitehurst said, “It’s really fun to just play with a lot of different playing styles and just different characters, different kids with unique personalities as well. So, I mean, just being on a team like that is great… I guess [I also enjoy] coming to more of an upperclassmen role and just trying to help the guys below me that are just starting with the program.”

Whitehurst strives to lead the team as his past captains did when he was younger. While setting a positive example both on and off the field, Whitehurst hopes to develop his vocal presence as a captain.  

“I hope to lead the team in ways similar to the captains that I had as a [Junior] and [an Upper]. And I guess as a [Lower], even though the year was canceled. All through my years, we’ve had great upperclassmen, leaders, and great captains that I really look up to when I was an underclassmen and I hope to hope to do the same. Sometimes I like to lead with actions. I guess sometimes I’m not as vocal, so I guess I need to work on that. Coach always talks about like being a good person off field as well; I guess I want to keep the consistent team positive, a positive team culture on campus as well, not just on the lacrosse field, but enforce good habits, just good qualities, good school values off the field as well,” said Whitehurst.

Co-Captain Wesley Maloney ’22 noted Whitehurst’s more reserved nature. According to Maloney, Whitehurst holds a versatile leadership style, stepping up and motivating the team in crucial moments. 

Maloney said, “I’ve been here for four years with Preston, and he’s just a great guy. He’s a great leader as well as a co-captain. He really leads by example… especially getting everyone hyped before games…He’s not loud spoken, he’s more of a lead by example captain. But at the same time, when you need them to be loud spoken, he’s leading everyone to just be better and have fun too… He’s like a take home to the parents type of guy.”

According to Charles Whitman ’22, Whitehurst’s meticulous organization of his room exemplifies the high standards he has for the team. As a captain, these standards keep the team in check so that it is always performing at its best. 

Whitman said, “Preston is a really smart kid. I’ve known him for four years, and he’s like the most organized person I know. And if you look at his room, it’s super clean and organized. He doesn’t like when people mess it up. And I feel like that’s his role as captain, he’s really straightforward with us, gets us going, and he doesn’t let people slack around either. I feel like that’s his captain role keeps everyone in order, make sure everyone’s playing to the top of their game. He’s really talented, so he keeps everyone at a high standard.”

In Andover’s busy atmosphere, Whitehurst hopes to provide the straightforwardness that keeps the team on track despite distractions. He believes success in game starts before stepping on the field. 

Whitehurst said, “I hope to lead the team on the field, and I think that just starts with practice and whether that’s like leading up to practice or in the locker room, warm ups and stretches, just helping to just put the energy up. I know it’s the spring term, and I mean, everyone should be excited to be out there in the warm weather and just a great opportunity to play lacrosse at Andover. But I mean, I guess sometimes [people get] a little distracted. So I think just helping everyone be focused, whether that’s going to practices or and especially going to games, just making sure everyone’s locked in, focused. and ready to go.”