Andover Boys Lacrosse Travels to Arizona for Spring Break Trip

Over Spring Break, Andover Boys Lacrosse traveled to Arizona to play two scrimmages as well as engage in various team bonding activities. The team played scrimmages against Choate and Pinnacle High School (Pinnacle), a team from Arizona.

According to Preston Whitehurst ’22, the team was able to begin competitive play with two scrimmages that allowed the team to prepare for the season and see how Andover was progressing.

“We scrimmaged Choate while we were there, and we tied them, and we played a team called Pinnacle from Arizona, and we beat them 11-2. Those were a lot of fun just to see how we sized up against New England competition, but also new Arizona competition. It was great to get everyone in and see how having played and how everyone did against those two teams,” said Whitehurst. 

According to Wesley Maloney ’22 and Charlie Whitman ’22, the trip provided a great way for the team to bond with one another before the start of the season. The Spring Break trip was especially special for Seniors, as this was their first training trip in a long time, as well as their last chance to travel with their whole team at Andover.

Maloney said, “With [Covid-19], we kind of lost a year, especially because we’re a pretty Senior heavy team. So it was really good to have this trip to get the whole team to bond because a lot of us are playing together for the first time. Because like last season, we lost a lot of guys, and we got to know a lot of new recruits. So it’s really good to just come together, and it forced us to spend a week with each other. And now we’re all great buds and probably going to go to each other’s weddings.”

Whitman added, “[There was] a lot of team bonding… I met people I didn’t know. I met everyone. I feel like I’m friends with every single person on the team, and I think everyone can agree with that. I hope no one feels like they’re not friends with everyone… I’m not like the most open guy staying in my dorm a lot this year, but I know everyone on the team. It’s really good. We played some fun games there. We’re all staying in the same hotel. We did a ropes course that was really fun; we raced each other.”

According to Maloney and Whitehurst, the team was able to practice its offense and defense, giving them an advantage before the start of the season. 

Maloney said, “It was great to really get our offense and our defense down before a real scrimmage. We start our first real game this Saturday away at Governor’s. So it’s really good to have that whole week of just getting all the stuff that takes time and mashing as a team and building that chemistry with each other.”

“Right before the trip, our coach sent us the playbook. So most of the time in practice was just going over our playbook and really drilling those plays and getting to know them. So I think that just learning our sets and what we wanted to do and what our goals are, were a great way to start the season, especially in Arizona [with] the beautiful weather. But then also getting to know one another and learning about the team I think was a great opportunity as well,” said Whitehurst.

Andover Boys Lacrosse will face Governor’s away on Saturday.