Andover Boys Baseball Returns Undefeated from Spring Break Tournament

Thomas White ’23 steps up to the plate and prepares to hit.

With an undefeated tournament record, Andover Boys Baseball returned from their Florida trip with a newfound preparedness for their season ahead. The team put in the work over a week, constantly practicing for their tournament. 

Isaac Lamson ’24 expressed that he was looking forward to the trip and was excited to be playing with the team again. After being ranked #1 in New England last year, the team felt confident, he noted. He added that the pitchers had a particularly positive mindset going into the tournament. 

“I think the team was pretty ecstatic coming off of being ranked #1 in New England, so we were excited to prove ourselves down there. I think that especially the pitchers, they were ready to go and they showed it on the mound,” said Lamson.

Robert Brown ’25 says a highlight of the trip was beating Avon Old Farms, a challenging opponent. He added that the trip was important to build team chemistry as well to create friendships between grades.

“To look at this from a baseball perspective was beating Avon Old Farms. They’re another really solid baseball team. They have a couple of [Division 1 recruits] and we knew they were going to be challenging going into this, but that would be it from a baseball perspective, as well as just kind of getting closer with a team. I was close with some of the other freshmen, but didn’t know the older guys well, so spending a week with them and getting close with the team… was my highlight,” said Brown.

Luke Gallo ’25 emphasized the friendships he created during the trip. Going into it, Gallo expected an average trip, but after his time in Florida, his opinion had changed. 

“My initial thoughts were [that] it was just going to be another plain old baseball trip with a new team. I was proven wrong and I now have several friendships within the team and I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to go,” wrote Gallo in an email to The Phillipian

Brown highlighted multiple players who played outstandingly throughout the week. He complimented athletes across grade levels for their skills and hard work on the field.

“I mean, obviously it was Thomas White [’23]. He’s just something different. Andrew Debenedictis [’23] hit really well through all tournaments. He really stuck out to me. Luke Gallo had a great tournament, hitting-wise, and made some really smooth plays in the field. Harrison Milbert [’22]… pitched phenomenally and had six perfect innings. And I would say those guys really stuck out to me throughout the week,” said Brown. 

In addition to those players, Lamson highlighted Jace Roossien ’24 and Joe Carrera ’24 for their excellent play and ability to fill their positions on the field.

“I’d say Jace Roossien balled out. He had a bunch of good hits, a bunch of hits in the gap. Played really well behind the dish and caught like almost all the games. I’d also say Joe Carrera implemented a lot of small ball. He really filled his role on the team,” said Lamson.

Going into the season, Andover hopes to hold their #1 New England ranking and play a successful season.