Spring Term Sports Plans: Would You “Slide” a Sport?

Each term, Uppers and Seniors at Andover are given the option to “slide” their sport with the exception of Uppers during the Fall Term and Seniors during the Spring Term. Sliding allows students to participate in neither a LIFE nor interscholastic sport for a term. Students are only allowed to slide once throughout their time at Andover.


Caleb Blackburn-Johnson ’22

“I understand why the school has a policy to do an afternoon activity every term; and sliding is a nice kind of way to relieve that pressure… I think it’s a cool little Senior privilege that you can kind of look up towards, but maybe it would be good… if people had reasons that they couldn’t do sports or kind of had something else they wanted to focus on—then maybe consider allowing more than one slide.”


Giovanni Pagliuca ’23 

“I think [not being able to slide] Freshman year, I’d say that’s fair. I think sports are a great way for students to meet new people. And I think as a Freshman students definitely benefit from that. But I think Senior spring honestly, a lot of students want to just enjoy their time at Andover and I guess, like, not really be burdened by having to take a sport. So I feel like [the rule against sliding] is not necessary for Senior spring. But I think for Freshmen, I think it’s good that they aren’t able to slide.” 


Sonia Marnoto ’22

“I’m not a big fan of winter…especially because I’ve never had a winter sport that I do. So I’ve been taking time just working out with my friends at the gym. And that’s been nice to get exercise rather than having a committed sport that I don’t actually enjoy and just gives me more anxiety.”


Andy Weissman ’23

“I feel like they are doing enough to make this option accessible and public. From what I’ve heard, most people know that sliding is a one term option. I think this should be an option for at least two terms, since it gives people more time to focus on their academics and college applications when they reach Senior year. I however believe sports should be mandatory to an extent, since sports can be great for your overall mental and physical health.”


Caroline Rothmann ’22

“I think it’s good that school requires sports, and I get why they require it because being active and getting us to do something is useful. But also it could stress people out more. It [can be] just work with no interest … In the description for sliding, it’s like if you have this rigorous academic schedule then you’ll maybe be able to slide. But then everyone just does it. So I think they could [also] work on making it a bit more accessible.”


Lisa Joel, Director of Athletics

“We’re trying to think about Seniors staying engaged in their final term, at Andover, and you know, some Seniors will go to take less courses at this point, we believe that coming together, even a recreational sport is like something that will be really positive for them. So we’re just trying to keep them engaged…And Uppers, we would say in their Upper fall, we just want [to get their] 11th grade year going. We believe exercise is an important part of staying healthy and staying focused in your academics.”