“Ready to Binge? Here are 2022’s Most Anticipated Shows”

It’s 2022, and we have yet to escape from the hellhole that is the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new Omicron variant, it is hard to imagine a near-future of strolling the streets without a mask, traveling around the world, and watching a movie in the theater while indulging in popcorn and soda. As a result, many people now rely on watching TV shows at home instead, cozying up in bed and eliminating any exposure to the virus. If you, too, enjoy this comfortable viewing experience, here is a list of the most anticipated TV shows of 2022.



Bridgerton Season 2 

A continuation of Netflix’s record-breaking show “Bridgerton” released in 2020, Bridgerton season two will premiere on March 25, 2022. While the first season focused on Daphne, the main character, and her journey of finding true love in the Regency era, according to the show’s producer, Chris Van Dusen, season two will switch the lens to focus on Daphne’s brother: Anthony Bridgerton. Although Regé-Jean Page, who plays Daphne’s husband in the show, will not be in season two, there is still high anticipation for the other characters’ romantic endeavors. 



Stranger Things Season 4

Although there is no official release date yet, Netflix’s science fiction horror drama series “Stranger Things” will be back with its fourth season in mid-2022, after a three year hiatus since its previous season. Hang tight; season four will be worth the wait. Trailers have already been shocking to many viewers, as it was revealed that Sheriff Jim Hopper, Hawkins’ chief of police, is alive. The news was especially shocking after season three, which ended explosively in  Hopper’s apparent death. According to the cast and crew, season four will have the darkest plot yet, harboring the potential to be the most mind-blowing season released yet.



Euphoria Season 2

Since its first season, released two years ago, HBO Max’s high-school drama “Euphoria” has gained immense popularity amongst teenagers for its representation of drug use, social media, sex, and trauma. The second season is now officially releasing each week on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST. With its artful and deep scenes, it has already proven to be a major success. If you haven’t already started watching, get ready for a euphoric experience.



Ms. Marvel

Disney+’s upcoming American miniseries, “Ms. Marvel”, is based on the Marvel Comics superheroine of the same name. The main character, Kamala Khan, a 16-year-old Pakistani American from Jersey City, is a huge fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. She questions her role in the world, until she later inherits powers like the superheroes she reveres. “Ms. Marvel” will be released in the summer of 2022, so sit tight!