Girls Hockey Comes Back After Game Cancellation With Win Against New Hampton

Deanna Buenzow ’23 surveys the ice.

Olivia McManus ’23 skated down the ice, making a pass around New Hampton’s forward to Shea Freda ’24 who netted a one timer as the first goal of the game against New Hampton. Andover Girls Hockey secured a 4-3 victory against New Hampton on Saturday following a canceled game against Kimball Union Academy. Its record stands at 14-1-3. 

According to Aimme Seppenwolde ’22, the team was excited to play on Saturday. She added that the previous loss and cancellation of Friday’s game contributed to the intensity.

Seppenwolde said, “We were definitely motivated having gotten our first loss on Wednesday and also our game on Friday was canceled, so we were all just really excited to get back on the ice… Especially after the loss on Wednesday and our Friday game being canceled, we had a mock scrimmage on Friday, blue vs white. I think that was really good for team morale and that was very fun and got everyone’s energy up for yesterday’s game.”

Charley Drouin ’25 emphasized that the team played well both offensively and defensively. Drouin also noted the composure displayed by the team against New Hampton.

“[Offensively], we did a really good job of not being selfish with the puck, we had really nice passes and good shots, and good plays overall. I also think our back-checking was really good today, especially when New Hampton went past the defense. We did a really good job of getting back and helping them out. For defense, I think we did a really good job of staying calm with the puck, and not forcing them up the boards or turning it over. We also made really smart decisions and worked really well together,” said Drouin.

According to Seppenwolde and Deanna Buenow ’22, the team has room to improve in a few areas. These include issues in both defense and offense.

Soppenwolde said, “I think our defensive zone has broken down, especially since our Wednesday game and yesterday’s game was a one goal game differential. Our defense does need some work so that when we do get a lead, we keep it and don’t let them get opportunities to let them score.”

Buenow added, “I think we can still improve on finishing. We have a lot of scoring chances and lots of chances at the net, but we’re just leaving the rebounds in front of the net, so I think we can do a better job at finishing.”

Girls Hockey’s next game will be at home on Friday against Milton.