Propelled by Defense, Boys Squash Sweeps Groton and Exeter 7-0

Andover Boys Squash’s next matchup against Exeter on February 23 is the team’s only remaining home game this season.

Led by its formidable defensive play, Andover Boys Squash earned two 7-0 sweeps against Groton and Phillips Exeter Academy on Friday and Wednesday. The team’s record now stands at 7-2.

According to Sean Winston Luo ’24, the team felt confident and excited heading into its match against a depleted Groton team. Playing right before the long weekend also sparked excitement within the team.

“We were feeling pretty confident especially since Groton’s number one was going to be out, so we felt pretty confident going in. We were also excited, mainly because we’ve been playing a lot recently, a lot of matches back to back. It was our last match before the long weekend, and we needed a little bit of a break. I’d say that we were excited to finish it off on a good note,” said Winston Luo. 

While strong in both its offensive and defensive abilities, the team’s defense proved to be the defining factor during the matches. Using a variation of shots, the team caught its opponents off guard, according to Aidan Lin ’23.

Lin said, “The team is quite strong offensively and defensively, but it felt like our defense in the back of the court really won us our matches… The team is doing really well moving around and using a variety of shots to keep our opponents on their feet.” 

Despite its wide range of shots, the team needs to find more order within its games. Mentally knowing what shot to hit is especially important, according to Winston Luo.

Winston Luo said, “[I think we need to work on] a little bit more structure in our game. Sometimes it gets a little random, especially when points get a little desperate. Maybe a little more structure, and understanding as to where to put the ball. Overall, we’ve been improving a lot in that [though].”

Bryce Farr ’23 highlighted the performance from Christian Graziano ’25. Graziano’s poise and respect for his opponent shone on the court, despite facing the rival side of Exeter.

Farr said, “In the match against Groton, I have to highlight our [Junior], Christian Graziano ’25. He always shows fair play and honesty. It’s just really respectable to watch him play on the court. Today, he was being really respectful. Especially with the rivalry between Andover and Exeter, games can get a bit heated, so the sportsmanship was great from everybody all around. It was just nice to see that fairness today.”

Andover will face St. George’s away on Wednesday.