Cluster Ball All-Stars: Sam Erjavac ’22 (Team Blue)

Sam “Erj” Erjavac PG’22 is a defensive powerhouse for Team Blue, which is home to superstars such as Vaughn Sanders ’22, and Harrison Milbert ’22. Over the course of the season, Erjavac noted that his defense has been key, but not so much his offensive ability.

“Honestly, I have not improved at all. All I do is run around and get yelled at by my team to be better and not take shots. So actually, mentally, I am getting better as a basketball player,” said Erjavac.

Despite his teammates telling him not to shoot, Erjavac insists on doing so. He even has his own signature move.

“After every single shot, I always throw up the threes even if it’s not a three. Even for my other teammates’ random shots. Always gotta throw up the threes and run back on defense.”

Erjavac added that prior to each game he has to mentally prepare himself and get in the zone. 

Erjavac said, “Before each game, I make sure to listen to ‘California Gurls’ by Katy Perry at least seven times on repeat.”

According to Erjavac, he tries his best to model his style of play after NBA legend “Pistol” Pete Maravich. 

“My strengths are playing defense, and that’s about it. We are working on the post-move, but that’s not really working at the moment. I personally believe in the three-pointer, but my teammates, not so much. A lot of airballs from me,” Erjavac said.

Team Blue looks to finish the season on a high note, as it currently sits in last place in the Cluster Basketball Standings.