Cluster Ball All-Stars: Mike Garbarino ’22 (Team Orange)

Despite starting in a rough spot with little to no players, Mike “Slender Defender” Garbarino ’22, was able to build team chemistry after losing the first few games.

Garbarino said, “I think I’ve been on the team that just straight-up wasn’t good at basketball for the first four games…We’ve had a lot of players come and go because originally the first two games we had four players show up on average. So we lost the first four games, [the team] chemistry was horrible. No one really wanted to show up. We went to [Head Coach Kate Dolan,] we were like ‘you need to help us out’ and she gave us an extra few players. That’s sort of what boosted the chemistry. We started to actually win games and kids started showing up.”

To prepare for Cluster Basketball, Garbarino follows an intricate plan with his team that leads to their success.

“It kind of depends on the day, depends on the weather. If it’s good weather, we’ll bring the team outside, we’ll have a little huddle. We’ll talk them up a little bit, get them ready for the game. We try to single out one person on the team that we really just want to attack. We have Thomas McAndrews on our team, so we just throw him on defense,” Garbarino said.

On the court, Garbarino views himself very highly, comparing himself to a few notable basketball players.

Garbarino said, “I’ve been told I look like Kyle Kuzma and my play style is more of a prepubescent Lebron James… [and Junior] year Thomas McAndrews ’22. That’s what I usually go for.” 

Even with a difficult start to the season, the Slender Defender has no lack of confidence in his team. 

“Watch out for the Orange Team, we’re coming for the championship,” Garbarino said.