Cluster Ball All-Stars Ben Garozzo ’22 (Team Silver)

Benny “Buckets” Garozzo’s Cluster Ball Skill Sparks Comparisons to Jordan and Rodman

An all-rounded player with prime Michael Jordan-like offense and Dennis Rodman-like defense, Ben “Buckets” Garozzo ’23 led Team Silver with his three-pointers and unwavering defense. According to Garozzo, the team did not falter, even when it lost a key player Charlie Irwin ’22 to Team Red.

Garozzo said, “I think there are a lot of bright spots on the team — behind me, of course. But there’s Cole, Charles, Ronin, and those are all great players, key players. We just lost one of our key players, Charlie Irwin, to the Red Team, and the team took it a little rough. It shows how [well] the team rallies back and how our atmosphere is great and how the color doesn’t affect us because we all came back and we came to a close game with Orange this past week.”

Garozzo says he is capable of being on the Boys Basketball team, but his guilt of taking game time away from players who love the sport more than he does holds him back.

“[Boys Basketball Head Coach Terrell Ivory ’00] basically asked me to be on the team. I love basketball, but I don’t take it that seriously. I’m sure they would have loved to have me there, and I know TI would have loved to see me join the program, but I just can’t see myself doing that, especially taking away time from kids that love the sport,” said Garozzo.

After a heartbreaking overtime loss against Team Lime, Garozzo remains confident that Team Silver will defeat Lime the next time they play each other.

“The biggest rival right now is the Lime Team just because we had an OT thriller with them. Unfortunately, Cato [Legaspi ’22] hit the game-winning three and it left us a little bit hurt. So I’d like to come back, play them again and see how that goes. I know we’re going to win,” said Garozzo.