Cluster Ball All-Stars: Avi Shah ’22 (Team Maroon)

Avi Shah ’22 has officially been chosen as the Team Maroon All-Star. Coming from Andover, Massachusetts, Shah is built somewhere between a center and a point guard and dominates his opponents with his competitive spirit. Shah’s main goal is to always win and keep winning until Team Maroon is the best in Cluster Basketball.

According to Shah, his menacing, N.B.A.-like 5’10” build is the reason that he is such a star on the court. Not only is he skilled, but he brings a star’s enthusiasm to the team and is always ready for the next game. 

“I think it’s because of the way I play. I’d say with my build I’m a mix between Lebron and Curry. I think I bring energy to the team. and I feel like before every game, I’m always there warming up. So I feel like that’s why I’ve been chosen as an All-Star,” Shah said. 

Shah highlighted Eshu Venkataswamy ’22 for his quick adjustment to Team Maroon after spending time on Team Silver. Although Venkataswamy faced problems with his equipment, he overcame this snag and left it all out there on the court. 

Shah said, “We signed Eshu off free agency from the Silver Team and he stepped up and did great even though he broke his glasses during one of the games.”

Shah mentioned the importance of beating the Yellow and Orange teams in Maroon’s upcoming games. It is important for the Maroon team to assert its dominance over other strong teams in the league, according to Shah.

“First, [we] want to win especially against Yellow Team and Orange Team, since they seem to be the best right now. I’d say we go out there and we try to win every game. We’re on a winning streak so Orange Team has to look out,” Shah added.