Cluster Ball All-Star: Chaniel Abou-Essi ’22 (Team Black)

Comparing himself to the Avatar, Cluster Basketball All-Star Chaniel Abou-Ezzi ’22 claims he is a master of all elements, specifically the use of airbending to alter the course of the basketball mid-air. He leads the Black Team, which boasts a 6-1 record.

According to Abou-Ezzi, his supernatural powers were no match against varsity-level athletes. Instead, he found Cluster Basketball to be a much more fulfilling experience.

“I thought about going on varsity, but I didn’t think that level of talent was where I belonged. I needed a more challenging program, and you know, I think the C.B.A. really brought that to me,” said Abou-Ezzi. 

Despite the initial surprise when hearing about his nomination, Abou-Ezzi has already shifted his focus to a greater achievement: Cluster Basketball Most Valuable Player. He explains that he hasn’t been playing at 100 percent due to recovery from contracting Covid-19. 

“I’m not going to lie, I’m surprised myself. I feel a little bit honored. Our team is six and one. I didn’t think it was because of me, but now this is giving me a lot of confidence. Now I should actually start trying, maybe I could even go as M.V.P.,” said Abou-Ezzi. 

Although Abou-Ezzi calls himself the “Last Airbender,”  he still credits Ben Goodell PG’22 for being a key player for the Black Team. Therefore, Goodell is considered the “second airbender,” just slightly inferior to Abou-Ezzi’s talent.

“I have to shout out to my boy Ben Goodell. He’s the big man on our team. He’s a center football PG. Double athlete, I think he’s super talented. I think he’s the second Airbender, but not the last Airbender. He’s just a menace in the paint. He should be the All-Star if it wasn’t for me,” said Abou-Ezzi.