Girls Hockey Continues Undefeated Season with a Comeback Tie against St. Paul’s and a Close Victory against Lawrence Academy

Scoring 19 goals in 6 games, Andover Girls Hockey are yet to place a game without finding the net.

Despite going down early, Andover Girls Hockey took St. Paul’s to overtime, ultimately resulting in a 2-2 draw. With Claire Colvin’s ’23 fast-paced play and game-winning goal, the team also secured a close 2-1 win against Lawrence Academy, placing its record at an undefeated 5-0-2.

According to Claire Colvin ’23 and Anne Averill ’23, the intensity levels were low during the beginning of the game. However, the month-long break didn’t stifle the team as it was able to regain its rhythm and make a comeback.

Colvin said, “We ended up tying after overtime, 2-2… I think we came out flat in the first period and St. Paul’s took advantage of that and ended up scoring towards the end of that. But after that, in the second [half], we came back and we brought more of our energy. I think it was hard because we hadn’t played in a month.”

Averill added, “I think we came out at the beginning a little flat-footed in the first period and they controlled most of the energy and momentum in that period of the game so we ended up going down 1-0. But then in the second period, we were able to regroup and come out a lot stronger and I think the energy was definitely on our side for most of the second period, and so we ended up coming back and then going ahead 2-1. But then I’d say that we almost fell flat again towards the end a little bit. Like I think the energy was much more even during the third period, and so we ended [in] a tie [2-2].”

Averill notes that besides the struggle to bring the intensity early on in the game, there are many technical and team-oriented areas of improvement for it to work on during the upcoming week.

She said, “I think also we need to capitalize on our opportunities better, like sometimes we have pucks around the net and we just can’t finish. And I think additionally maybe like moving the puck quicker and working hard off the puck. Sometimes we get caught just kind of watching the person with the puck doing all the work when we need to be getting open, so we can have more opportunities in front of the net.”

Charley Drouin ’25 shares a similar sentiment to Averill as she believes communication, team spirit, and chemistry are all focal points that the team will seek to build upon in order to achieve more convincing victories. 

“I think as a team our urgency levels need to increase and maybe communicate a little more and get those passes as accurately as you can, like tape to tape. And maybe work as a team more, instead of having the puck for too long, like pass it off when you have the opportunity and make smart decisions,” said Drouin. 

Co-Captain Rachel Neyman ’22 believes that the pandemic, specifically the spectator policies, contributed to the team’s lowered intensity and morale during the game. Nonetheless, she notes that the virus has encroached on the team’s game strategies as it has to work with uncertainty.

“[Covid-19] has impacted our team because we have players missing almost every game now, and today we were still missing one player. A lot of our opponents are also missing players, so we never know what to expect,” Neyman wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

While Colvin contributed the game-winning goal, leading to the victory over Lawrence Academy, she notes the contagious energy and spirit that fellow teammate Lulu Rourke ’23 brought to the team.

“I think Lulu had a great game. She scored, but that’s not the reason why she had a great game. I think you could just [see] her hard work, [it] was just so visible on and off the ice. She had great energy on the bench. She was making plays left and right. It was a beautiful game to watch for her.” said Colvin.

Andover Girls Hockey hopes to keep its undefeated record as it faces off against Brooks away.