Co-Captain Patrick Last ’22: A Non-Sibi Team-Player

Andover Boys Hockey Co-Captain Patrick Last ’22 was taught how to skate as soon as he learned to walk. His father, who had played hockey in college, taught Last how to play hockey at the age of five. Last continued the sport, eventually joining the team at Andover with a love for the competition and speed of the sport.

Last said, “I just love the competitiveness of it. It’s one of the fastest games played. Just to be able to go out there and move around.”

Last noted that he strives to lead by example as a co-captain, emulating those who came before him.

“I hope to lead by example. I try to give 100 percent of my efforts. I will vocally give people some motivation as well… I try to show my teammates as much compassion as I possibly can. Make sure that they feel respected and that they have a place… I hope to follow in the footsteps [of past co-captains] and be the best I can be,” Last said.

According to Head Coach Paul Tortorella, Last embodies the spirit of ‘non-sibi’ as a leader on the team.

Coach Tortorella said, “Pat’s someone that leads by example, mostly. And I think the team greatly respects him because again, everything he does is for the best of the team. I mean, if you talk about non-sibi, I would put Patrick up there with anyone as an example.”

According to Coach Tortorella, Last’s unselfishness and ability to put the team first is what makes him a great leader.

“Well, I think all our captains have all been strong leaders who work hard off the ice. They’ve all been good students, and I guess Patrick would be unique. Patrick has been with us for three years, team-first and he’s always been a team-first person. I don’t think that makes them unique, but I think what’s unique about him is his willingness to sacrifice at a high level. He’s very reliable when it comes to any kind of need. He just goes 100 percent all the time,” Coach Tortorella said. 

According to Co-Captain Connor Fitzpatrick ’22, his new arrival to the team has not taken away from sharing the leadership role with Last.

Fitzpatrick said, “I would call it a good balance of Patty knowing what’s been done in the past and me kind of working with that and also maybe having a new mindset to things, if that makes sense, maybe changing things that we don’t like or that haven’t worked… All around couldn’t ask for anything else. Patty’s a great kid [and] a great friend of mine. We lived together last year and he’s a great leader and great player.”