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Ellie Harrison ’22 Credits Her Nepsac Class A Field Hockey Player of the Year Honor to Teammates and Coaches

Ellie Harrison ’22, captain of the Girls Varsity Field Hockey team, has recently been named Nepsac Class A Field Hockey Player of the Year. Selected among other Class A field hockey players, Harrison expressed pride and gratitude towards this accomplishment. 


“It’s a really nice honor and I’m just so proud of my teammates and obviously, I owe it all to them for getting me here and supporting me… Thank you to my teammates and coaches.” Harrison said.


According to teammate Shea Freda ’24, Harrison’s kind personality and skill contributes to her admirable leadership. Her presence on the team has also helped Freda improve as a player. 


Freda said, “I think she is so deserving of that award. She is just one of the most composed, skilled, and fearless players I’ve ever played with. Just watching her be such a great leader and one of the best players on our team is just so awesome. I’m glad that I got to play alongside her all season. I’ve been really lucky to be right there with her, I play right behind her on the field, so working on the field with her has been really awesome since she makes me a better player which I really appreciate.”


In describing her love for both the sport and the team itself, Harrison stated that the team has a uniquely strong bond, one that is apparent both on and off the field. She attributes this asset to the opportunities offered in a boarding school environment. 


Harrison said, “Every team is different, every team has a different identity and strengths. I like every season and growing as a team and learning what this certain group of people can do best. The Andover team is really special because it’s different at a boarding school than it would be at a club team or a regular day school because we spend so much more time with the team. We have stronger connections off the field which translates onto the field and you can just see that in the way that we play.”


Teammates Neily Ware ’25 and Freda commended Harrison’s efforts to make the team a more inclusive and positive space. Further, her attitude towards the sport and dedication towards her teammates inspire her fellow teammates. 


In an email to The Phillipian, Ware wrote, “Ellie’s work ethic, her commitment, her enthusiasm, and her positivity all make her such an awesome teammate… She is super inclusive which makes her a great captain. She is super positive, always greets you with a smile and an ecstatic hello, which always brightens up my day. I am so grateful to have Ellie as a teammate.”


Freda added, “She really focuses on making sure everyone feels included and everyone is focused and has a common goal. She’s always talking to everyone, making sure to get everyone’s thoughts. She’s very diplomatic and wants to make sure everyone’s voices are heard on the team. In that way, she has really unified us because everyone feels like they have a voice through Ellie and she makes everyone really feel seen on the field.”


According to Ellie Parker ’25, Harrison’s technique as a center midfielder and hard work has made her an integral part of the team and its success.  

In an email to The Phillipian, Parker wrote, “Ellie was such a defensive and offensive threat on the field this year, not only her character but her calm and poise on the field were unmatched. Her work ethic on and off-ball was crucial to our success this season, not only a reliable player but a true team player, willing to work hard for those around her and give her all on the field.”