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Phillipian Satire: Look of the Week: Leonard Twitty Artfully Juxtaposes Moto Jeans and a Vineyard Quarterzip

Leonard Twitty ‘23 juxtaposes New Hampshire prep and his edgy biker aspirations through his extensive Vineyard Vines collection and unique moto jeans. Through his contrasting pieces, he simultaneously attempts to conform to Exeter standards and express his individuality. 

“I’m not really drawn to a specific aesthetic. I like to push boundaries and be different. At Exeter it’s tough when it seems like every kid is wearing a vineyard vines quarter zip and bean boots, so that’s where the moto jeans really spice things up,” he said.

Twitty has lived in the exciting town of Exeter, New Hampshire his entire life, so when asked about his inspiration for his moto jeans, he describes his “love at first sight” when he saw the jeans in an H&M window display.

“I was always really into the grunge motorcycle look, and when I saw the jeans in the store window, I knew they had to be mine. I was gonna be the coolest kid on campus! All those zippers!!” He wanted to use his allowance to buy a cycle, but his mom says a motorcycle helmet wouldn’t fit over his thick glasses and Headmaster Rawson suggested he transfer to Andover or some other heathen school that would tolerate those roguish choice of jeans. 

“Although I am, in my heart, a biker. No certain vibe can constrict me. Therefore I sport a vineyard vines quarter zip elegantly to counteract the moto jeans coolness. My mommy is an ad executive for Vineyard Vines, so my supply is endless.”

“There are so many Tik Toks about the jeans I wear, I guess they are getting popular.” Says Twitty with an endearing naivete. This being said, he has won best dressed at Exeter for the last 2 years unopposed.