Seniors Comment on Last Week’s Senior Boat Cruise

On October 25, the class of 2021 traveled to Boston and sailed around the harbour as a part of the annual Senior cruise tradition. Although proms have previously been hosted on boats, the senior cruise tradition primarily started in 2016. Members of the graduating class celebrated the opportunity to socialize with their peers and take a break from the stress-inducing college application season.

Sean Meng ’22:

I think that it was a really great chance to dress up and really take in the fact that we’re seniors. Personally I felt it kind of kicked off the senior energy, it was a very good opportunity, it was a really nice vote. There was catering. I don’t think we’ve ever had a chance to really come together in one venue and do something, so that was awesome.

Emma Jing ’22:

The boat cruise was super fun, and I’m really grateful that they did this for us. My only thing is that they put it at a pretty inconvenient time for Seniors since most of us were rushing back or couldn’t make it because of college visits. It was also a Monday night, so I know a lot of us crammed our homework after the cruise. The dance floor also gave middle school dance energy.

Kiran Ramratnam ’22:

My favorite part was getting to do something fancy with other people, with friends, getting to feel special and celebrated. It was definitely a shock, I did not expect it to be that fancy, as it was, but I felt that the deans put in a lot of planning to make sure that we could have a senior cruise this year, even though we’re returning back for the first year.

Yariana Manzano-Maldonado ’22:

I think my favorite part was dancing with my friends, and I forgot which song came on but we all knew the lyrics so we started singing them out. We were all stressed, you know, writing everything and it was a nice time to let it all out.

Mary Muromcew ’22

I thought that the energy was really good. I thought that it was a nice break from the stress of college. I think that people were not having super high expectations but I think our expectations were all exceeded

Eshu Venkataswamy ’22:

Many of us were just dancing on that one floor in the middle of the boat. There was a DJ there and they played a lot of good music… I had fun. This was probably one of the best events so far.