Violinist Cathy Cho ’22 Finds Friendship and Mentors through Bonding with Andover Music Community

According to Cathy Cho ’22, it was sitting in the Berliner Philharmonie, surrounded by musicians, that made her realize the “power of music” and make the decision to seriously pursue the violin. From a young age she was enrolled in violin lessons, but it was not until this moment that Cho knew she wanted the violin to be a significant part of her life.

At Andover, Cho has learnt from and practiced with older students, some of whom have served as mentors to her. Although Cho enjoys practicing the violin, her favorite part of playing the instrument is the mentorship she has gained through these groups and lessons. 

“I came to Andover, and I was just so inspired by how much someone can music so much. Luke Henderson, he graduated last year, but seeing him practice, and seeing him trying to teach me how to practice in Graves all the time, and take time away from his own studies to help me–it was so inspiring…I want to have that kind of passion,” said Cho. 

Since coming to Andover as a Junior, Cho has taken lessons and participated in Chamber Orchestra. With an upcoming performance this Saturday, November 6th, Cho’s latest music endeavour is a trio coached by Dr. Jacoby. 

“Right now, I’m in a chamber music group with Sophia Marina ’22 and Andrew Kim ’23. We formed a trio just like the Phillips trio did last year and our coach is Dr. Jacoby. We’ve been working as a trio since last spring, we wanted to stay together for the rest of the year, and [we wanted] to enter competitions,” said Cho.

During Cho’s upper year, she took the music 400 sequence, taught by Dr. Jacoby, which she cites as her favorite class she has taken at Andover. Bonding with classmates over a shared passion for music, Cho expressed that the class gave her a sense of excitement and community.

“Dr. Jacoby is such a great teacher. Everyone in our class was so excited and motivated to be there, and just we’re bound together by our shared passion for music…We also composed for each other, towards the end of the term, in spring. We composed a trio for each other, then we played it and recorded it. That was really cool, because you get to play your friends’ compositions, and get a recording of it,” said Cho.

Looking to the future, Cho hopes music will remain a central part of her life. While she stated she may not pursue it professionally, Cho wishes to use music as a tool to create community at college, just as she did at Andover. 

“I definitely will continue playing music in college. I don’t know if I’m going to major in it, but I’m looking forward to use music as a way to make friends, because I’m going to be in college, there are going to be so many people, how am I going to make connections right? I think I’m going to use it to bond, and make connections, make relationships,” said Cho.