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Field Hockey Dominates Loomis Chaffee in 4-0 Victory, Continuing Undefeated Season

After a goalless first half, Andover Field Hockey scored three goals in the third quarter and one goal in the fourth quarter to secure a 4-0 win over Loomis Chaffee. The team’s stout defense last Saturday held Loomis scoreless while displaying bursts of offensive talent.  Andover Field Hockey now stands at a 3-0 record.


According to Co-Captain Ellie Harrison ’22, Andover had to react to the physicality and speed of the Loomis team.


“Loomis made a lot of big hits, so we had to adapt to that. They were definitely fast, definitely aggressive,” Harrison said.


According to Head Coach Kate Dolan, the team has to focus on building momentum sooner and playing at the highest level with strong endurance. Dolan recognized that the team has only begun the season and will be able to improve even more in the coming games.


“We had a slow start but picked up the play in the second half. We are working on how to begin games with more intensity and sustain that energy and drive for 60 minutes. It’s early in the season and we just have to keep working on working together to be our collective best,” said Coach Dolan.


Harrison also detailed the importance of building off of this win over Loomis and learning to play consistently beginning at the very first whistle.


“Obviously, we didn’t score in the first half, and we didn’t really get going until the second half. So I think in the future, we really need to start playing our game from the very start. We can’t be caught off guard by another team’s playing style, and we can be the ones dictating the game,” Harrison added.


During recent practices, focus has been placed on specific weaknesses that have been observed in game. Harrison mentioned one drill that allows both sides of the ball to improve.


“We do a four versus two drill in practice that helps the defense with communication and the offense with ball movement to find the open player,” Harrison explained. 


According to Harrison and Ellie Parker ’25, players have placed emphasis on playing as one cohesive unit and honing in the abundance of young talent on the roster. 


“Communicating with one another was a big goal going into this game. Our coach calls it ‘narrating’ the game,” Parker said.

Harrison added, “We’re working on, from the start, playing together, and playing as a team, and playing our game: just moving off the ball— making the easy pass.”


Andover Field Hockey will look to continue its win streak at Brooks on Thursday and at Tabor Academy on Saturday.