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Andover Softball Delivers on Offense, Defeating Exeter 19-3

With a strong offensive front, Andover Softball secured 19 hits and 19 runs in its game against Phillips Exeter Academy this past weekend, winning by a landslide with a score of 19-3. Andover’s record now stands at 6-5. 


As the season comes to an end, the team is focusing on fine-tuning its technique and recreating game scenarios as it prepares for its final matchup against Exeter, according to Sophia Eno ’23.


Eno said, “We have been doing really realistic practices and drills; we try to recreate the game pressure, so we try to do speed live pitching, so there were some really great hits in this game [so the drills] definitely helped.” 


According to Haven O’Sullivan ’22, because the team entered this game hoping to bounce back from a tough loss last game, it was important for everyone to play with energy and a positive mindset.


“Overall, everyone played really well and it was a great team win; everyone contributed a lot, so I was really happy with how it turned out… On Friday, we had a tough loss going into our game against Exeter so we wanted to come out strong from the beginning,” O’Sullivan said.


Despite this successful win, the team is still focused on training hard in the final few practices of the season in hopes of beating Exeter again next week, according to Leila Boesch-Powers ’24. In addition to preparing for its next game, the team is also looking to build camaraderie as the season comes to an end.


Boesch-Powers said, “[We’re working on] playing our hardest because we only have one more game and hopefully we can ‘Wreck the Ex’ again and spend time with the team, getting to know everybody and saying goodbye to our captain [Katie Morris ’21]. Also… [we plan to work on] keeping the defense tight so hopefully, we [can] win again.” 


According to Eno, the team has been able to connect and bond over the course of the term, and this team chemistry has been integral to its success on the field.


Eno said, “We have a saying during games and practices to never be silent, always shout out plays, be supportive, and get that energy going and that has helped a lot during our games… Being with the team is great and I really care about all of them and it is such a great community, [because we] really try our hardest at practice to also be able to try hard at games and [improve].”


Andover looks to secure another win against Exeter this Saturday at home.