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Troy Pollock Shines in Boys Lacrosse’s Loss Against Exeter

Although Andover Boys Lacrosse lost 10-13 against Exeter after collapsing in the third quarter, Co-Captain Troy Pollock ’21 displayed an impressive performance, scoring five goals, assisting one goal, and winning eight of 12 face-offs. Andover’s record now stands at 4-2.

According to Marcus Sapuppo ’23, the team’s downfall was trying to put the ball into the back of the net too often, rather than maintaining possession.

“As we got into the second half we started losing our grip. We got a little too eager to score and I think that really cost us the game because we weren’t able to calm down and keep the ball for as long as we would’ve liked, and I think that’s why we fell apart and ended up losing by three. I think we were the better team, and we have a chance against [Phillips Exeter Academy] this weekend,” said Sapuppo.

According to Head Coach James Beaudoin, Pollock rose to the occasion during the game, and  was all over the field.

“[Pollock] was a Senior understanding that he was in an Exeter game, and he played that way and he put his whole heart and soul into it, and it showed up in the statistics. He really was everywhere, he actually won our player of the game offensive and defensive awards this week which is also a rarity to give out to the same player,” said Coach Beaudoin.

According to Preston Whitehurst ’22, Pollock’s energy and tenacity served as motivation for his teammates to keep pushing throughout the game. 

Whitehurst said, “Having one of our co-captains have such a great game and really put the team on his back, it was definitely inspirational for me and watching the hustle and the heart he put into every single play and not taking a single play off, made me want to play better as well and be there for him as he had an excellent game all around. Seeing him definitely inspired me and I know that a lot of the other players on the team felt the same way.”

According to Coach Beaudoin, having two games against Exeter this season allows for both teams to work on improvements and look to take advantage of the opposition’s weaknesses.

“I think what our players want to take away from this [loss] is to understand what we can change, what we can take advantage of, and what [Exeter is] going to try to alter. Both teams have a full week to put things into place, or change what they didn’t like about the game, and watch the film over and over. Understanding that, [we] really [are] just coming into [the next game] with fresh eyes, but knowing our opponent really well now,” said Coach Beaudoin.

Andover will hope to end the season on a positive note in its season finale against Exeter at home this Saturday.