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Phillipian Satire: History 300 Paper From The Future

I’m just getting into my Spring Term here at Andover, but I know a lot of us Class of 2047ers, myself included, have had a lot of trouble finding a topic for my History-310 paper. Last week, I was able to narrow it down to the traumatic life of 6ix9ine or the history of the year 2021. However, after meeting with my history teacher, I finally decided on the latter. The plan for my essay is as follows… It was the year 2021 that we, the generic aliens, discovered Earth, and discovered the human race. The teenagers appeared to be obsessed with the app “TikTok,” and it seemed to affect every aspect of their lives. We often saw them doing small dances to themselves, making awkward movements in public and alone in their rooms. They often made references to the songs of the dances too, singing quietly, or even loudly with friends. Some clothing styles also got introduced through this app TikTok, like overnight hit clothing items, jeans that go to your chin, and shoes that make you fly. One thing that was most popular among all teenagers was resin art. Resin art can be found scattered around the Earth to this very day. Resin art would include glitter and color, and sometimes accessories would be made out of resin, like earrings. The best thing about resin was the resin triangles, where it was just sand and glitter mixed with resin. Resin is believed to be the most important form of the 21st century. Most schools at the time had classes like Resin-100. Furthermore, there seems to be some cultural significance associated with the popular Netflix show “Outer Banks.” The influence of “Outer Banks” can also be seen on Tiktok, as many teens filmed themselves reassuring John B. that they had a brother.