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Co-Captain Griffin Hout ’21 Leads the Team in a ‘Passive, Yet Effective’ Manner

Despite first playing the sport at the age of five, Co-Captain Griffin
Hout never played golf competitively before attending Andover.

Though he did not play for any competitive teams or clubs, Andover Golf Co-Captain Griffin Hout ’21 often played golf recreationally with his friends before his high school career. Just over a year before he began attending Andover, Hout began to fall in love with the sport.


“I think I’ve played probably for most of my life since maybe I was around 5 years old… There was just one summer a year before high school where I started playing a lot and I just developed a little bit of an obsession with it,” Hout said.


According to Hout, the ability to socialize with his friends while being able to spend time outside on the golf course are two of his favorite aspects of the game.


Hout said, “I really enjoy spending a lot of time outside and in nature… [and] spending a lot of time with friends.”


As one of the more experienced members of the team, Hout tries to guide the younger players by sharing advice on the logistical aspects of the team’s matches.


“Especially in our match yesterday, I was the only one who’s ever played in a match before. So, it was nice to have that experience to be able to explain how these matches worked to my teammates,” Hout said.


According to Alex Smyth ’24, Hout has a calm attitude and uses his years of competitive experience to help teach players in a new team environment.

“Griffin is a great co-captain as he helps keep the group calm and focused which is needed greatly in golf. His years of experience on the team have helped us navigate the season with a relatively brand-new roster,” Smyth wrote in an email to The Phillipian.

According to Logan Eskildsen ’24, Hout is a welcoming leader to the new players, and displayed strong mentoring abilities during the match against Deerfield on Saturday.


“I think it was on the ninth hole, I was down by four to the senior and he told me that the next nine holes were my strong suit and that I would be able to come back and get back in the game… I think that really inspired me,” Eskildsen said.


Eskildsen also added that while Hout is not the most vocal leader, his quiet leadership style is effective. Hout always makes himself available to his teammates if they ever need help, according to Eskildsen.


Eskildsen said, “I think he is very much of a passive leader, but his leadership style is very effective… He’s there for everyone [and] he’s there to help out when anybody is in need of it.”


Nolan Sun ’21 also agreed that Hout is a very encouraging and helpful teammate and always strives to uplift his fellow teammates when they feel like they are not playing well.


“When I feel like I’m not on my game, or when some of my other teammates don’t feel like they’re on their game, Griffin brings a supportive and encouraging voice to the team to make sure that we still battle and keep our head up and try to play as well as we possibly can,” Sun said.


Although Hout will not pursue a collegiate golf career, he hopes to play at a recreational level during his time at the University of Florida.