Students React to Casino Night, Other Student Activites on Campus

This term, STACT has organized many weekend social activities such as Casino Night, Laser Tag, Next Level Gaming, Barn Babies, and Black Light Mini Golf, all adapted to accommodate restrictions due to the pandemic. Many events, such as Barn Babies and Casino Night, are separated by grade to help control the number of people who go at any time. Students have reacted in many different ways to the new changes, with some events being more memorable or underwhelming. Overall, students are glad to have opportunities to connect with their peers more and have great memories.


Whitney Kanter ’24

I really enjoyed Casino Night! It was so fun to get ready and dress up with my friends after not having an event to get ready for in a few months. I had never played blackjack or any casino-type game before Saturday, so it was fun learning how to play and watching some of my friends get really competitive.


Monisha Kathika ’24 

I’m not going to lie, but I was expecting more from this year’s casino night. I was looking forward to a better setting and food, although I can see why that can’t happen due to [Covid-19] restrictions. However, the night was still very enjoyable from the music to spending time with my friends. I can’t wait to see what next year brings us.


Prince La Paz ’24 

I feel like Casino Night was really nice overall and a lot of fun! I also think that having other students as the dealers or in charge of each table made it a lot better. I do wish that there had been some like big competition or like actual prizes so that there would be more of a reason to actually stay and try to get a lot of chips rather than just play at a few tables and give your chips to someone and leave.


Daniel Waheed ’23

My favorite Weekender events are class events for ninth and tenth grade, where we get together in the Gelb Tent and socialize and meet new people. To be more specific, I really enjoyed Casino Night. It was really entertaining, I met a lot of people, and I gained a lot of blackjack experience. I don’t really go to a lot of Weekender events, but Weekender events that entail painting, like I’m not a very art-oriented person, so I don’t go to those.


Michelle Yao ’23

I would say my favorite Weekender event is definitely the barn babies. I’ve been aware of such an event before I even came to Andover, it was part of their marketing campaign. I have to say that it’s still my favorite event today. It’s really stress relieving and they served hot chocolate and Rice Krispies, which was a big bonus. You can’t go wrong with cute animals and nice food. 

This term, I’ve mainly liked Casino Night. That was the one people have been looking the most forward to because of last year. There was quite a big difference from how it worked last year to how it world this year. I’m glad I didn’t have to pay the entrance fee, but at the same time I understand that it cannot be as classy as being set in [Paresky Commons,] because of the [Covid-19] situation.


Sebastian Altomare ’23

In the past, I really like—unpopular opinion—free skates. They’re very chill. It’s an activity where you don’t have to do anything, you can just free skate with  your friends and have fun, fall on the ice, and just chill. It’s not very involved in activities, just go and have fun. I didn’t really like Casino Night because the place is always packed so there wasn’t anything to do. I usually just walk around with people instead of being in the event.


Leverett Wilson ’23

My favorite Weekender event was probably Casino Night. I played some poker with friends and walked around and checked out all the other gambling games. I also went to a Brace scholar presentation that I enjoyed focusing on queer oppression in Soviet Russia and the effects of the Soviet Union by Maya Shkolnik ’21.


Charlotte Whitehurst ’22

I really enjoyed the Snyder field night. I think those are the most fun events that they hosted on campus, and I hope that they do more of them. It’s great to play knockout, spikeball, ping pong; laser tag was also a big hit. It was wonderful to be on the same team and also on opposing teams with different people and mix up different lineups. I overall had a great night and I hope that they do the field night again! 


Isaac Heitmann ’22

I would say that my impression of Weekender activities is fairly positive. Granted, I haven’t had the time to go to many of them (on account of Upper Spring), but the ones I have been to or heard about were a lot of fun. The only drawback (not owing to mismanagement by the organizers) is the often-small scale at which these events take place, which is the result of [Andover] not having that many large spaces open for events.


Victor Mvemba ’22

Very underwhelming. Coming to the event, I was expecting laser tag, and what was going on would be more closely described as tomfoolery. There were just a bunch of people doing whatever they wanted, and it seemed a little unruly. But they tried, and I appreciate that.


Summer Seward ’21 

I think the Weekender sports activities were awesome this week. I loved going to the games and feeling a part of the Andover community again. I didn’t participate in most of the other activities because they weren’t specifically what I am interested in doing.


Reimi Kusaka ’21 

I appreciate the efforts that the school is putting in organizing fun activities. However, I do wish that there are more events, especially on Friday nights. Since day students aren’t able to come to boarders’ rooms, it makes it especially hard for them to socialize with us. But I do think it is important to note that we are in a weird situation and I’m sure that the school is doing the best they can.