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Co-Captain Jayme Wilde ’21 Believes Lacrosse is ‘More Than Just Athletics’

Jayme Wilde did not play in the scrimmage this past weekend but will rejoin the team against Cushing this weekend.

Beginning his lacrosse journey in the fourth grade, Andover Boys Lacrosse Co-Captain Jayme Wilde ’21 has been playing competitively since a young age. Prior to Andover, Wilde played on club teams and was also chosen for the Under Armour All-American team, where he went to showcases and was recruited by Andover coaches.

According to Wilde, lacrosse has always been more than just athletics and he values the connections that he has created through the sport.

Wilde said, “Besides the feeling of being on the field and the adrenaline pumping through your veins, my favorite part about lacrosse is just the people that I’ve met. I’ve made some great friends and I’m sure they’ll always be my friends because of lacrosse.”
According to Co-Captain Troy Pollock ’21, Wilde supports the team through his expansive knowledge about the sport. 

Co-Captain Troy Pollock ’21 said, “He’s observant, he knows so much and he loves to share it. I learn a lot from Jayme. He could be a really good coach too. He cares, just like all the other captains.” 

While Wilde enjoys spending time with his teammates, before games, he prefers to step away from the group to mentally prepare himself to perform to his highest capabilities. 

He said, “I used to have a pretty specific routine. Now in the locker room, we get hype to music and pump each other up. When everyone goes out on the field, I like to take a few minutes to myself. I get in the right headspace and clear my head.” 

Wilde acknowledges that the past year has been tough but he believes that the team is as ready as ever to be back on the field. If anything, their return to the field has served to fuel their motivation and improve discipline. 

Wilde said, “[Due to the pandemic], we need to be a lot more strict with the guys, but that also teaches them discipline. Pulling your mask up, keeping it up, maintaining distance, I think that is different, but the energy that the team is bringing is better than it’s ever been because people haven’t played in one or two years.” 

According to Co-Captain Baron Abrishami ’21, Wilde leads by example in that he trains hard and expects everyone else to do the same. 

Abrishami said, “He holds the team to higher standards as well, just making sure that everyone gets [inaudible] in practice, the weight room and on the game days, and that no one lacks energy and he makes sure that everyone gives 110 percent.” 

As his time at Andover comes to a close and he looks forward to college, Wilde plans to make the most of his last season by continuing to work hard and learning from those around him. Wilde also looks forward to resumed competition and a chance at beating long-time rival schools. 

Wilde said, “I haven’t beaten [Deerfield Academy] in my time here or [Phillips Exeter Academy], so I’d love to beat both of those teams, especially Exeter as they are our rivals. I also want [Head Coach James Beaudoin], who is our new coach, to give me all the knowledge he has on lacrosse, so I’m mentally prepared for going to the next step.”