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Addy Fenton PG ’21 Named to Salem News All-Decade Field Hockey Team

A lockdown defender throughout her high school career, Addy Fenton PG’21 earned herself a spot on the Salem News All-Decade Field Hockey Team for the 2010s, which was released in December. Fenton picked up field hockey during her freshman year of high school, quickly progressing into one of the best players in New England.

At the Pingree School, she was selected as an Eastern Independent League All-Star three times and as a Salem News All-Star twice. In her last two seasons at Pingree, Fenton tallied 19 goals and 13 assists. With the cancelation of interscholastic competitions during the Fall Term, Fenton was unable to have a full season with Andover Field Hockey this year.

According to Fenton, she was unaware of the selection until a family member notified her. She described her pride in earning this distinction, acknowledging the talent listed around her on the All-Decade roster.

“To me, it was just an awesome honor. I didn’t know it was happening. My uncle actually sent it to me in the family group chat. I think it is an incredible honor to be with the other players who are on it. It is very special to me as an athlete and as a competitor,” said Fenton.

According to Head Coach Kate Dolan, Fenton is a talented leader who has a multitude of skills that allow her to contribute both offensively and defensively.

Dolan said, “Addy is a smart player who sees and anticipates the play before others and she is excellent at communicating with teammates. Addy’s ability to have both a broad and narrow focus during a game, and especially as a defender in the back, enables her to be like a quarterback on the field. She is equally strong on the offensive end of the field as an inserter on corners–so consistent, so strong.”

Rather than pointing to her technical skills, Fenton believes that her ability to motivate and communicate with her teammates drives her leadership on the field.

“I would say [my best attributes are] my leadership and my communication skills, having built them during my time at my previous school Pingree. [I am also] able to use them on the field in different ways that other people can’t, and in different situations that can benefit the team in the most ways,” Fenton said.

At Pingree, Fenton helped lead her team to the 2019 Class C Nepsac Championship during a tournament run in which her team outscored its opponents 15-0. She pinpoints this as her most memorable moment playing field hockey, as she believes that it was a culmination of all of her hard work.

“My best memory was winning the Nepsac Championship my senior year in a 6-0 win. It was a great feeling, working all four years for that, and finally being able to achieve that moment,” Fenton said.

For Fenton, the collaborative aspect of field hockey has been crucial to her playing experience and her love of the game.

Fenton said, “The team aspect is what I love most about playing field hockey. I didn’t start playing until my freshman year, and being brought into a team and growing that aspect was pretty amazing. I love being able to compete at a high level with some of my best friends.”

According to Dolan, Fenton pushes the team to reach its full potential and leads through demanding excellence of herself and of her teammates. Despite not playing a conventional season, Fenton was able to bring the team closer together during practice this past Fall Term.

“Addy leads with her passion for competition and love of teamwork. She has high standards for practice and play and she is good at encouraging others to bring their full enthusiasm and energy each time on the field. She brings 100 percent and then some every time she steps on the field. As driven and passionate as she is, Addy is also incredibly humble and unassuming—she doesn’t seek attention or the limelight; rather her primary objective is the success, on and off the field, of the team,” Dolan said.

Fenton plans to play collegiate field hockey, but has not yet decided where she will play next year.