Clarinetist Jason Huang ’21 Leads by Example in Music Groups at Andover

Jason Huang ’21 began cultivating his passion for music as a pianist, but his teacher quickly commented that his hands were too small. Instead of being discouraged, though, Huang found a new love for music through the clarinet.

“The clarinet is a very agile instrument. You can control your tone, your pitch, and just in general, a lot of things by playing it. I think it gives me a wide range of expressing myself through a piece,” said Huang.

Huang is not only committed to improving his own technique and playing, but also the quality of music as a unit. Fellow clarinetist Jonathan Fu ’21 described Huang as an excellent musician and a role model for others.

“Jason’s always the guy who’s there first. He’s always there before me. Whenever he does a solo or something, or when we’re playing together on a piece, he’s always leading by example… He just always has a smile on his face and is leading by example,” said Fu.

Since coming to Andover, Huang has found several spaces to express his musical interests on campus. In particular, he reflected on his experience playing in chamber groups as a unique occasion to meet and practice with a smaller group of musicians.

“The most valuable opportunity at Andover is its symphony orchestra and the chamber music groups. Before Andover, I had never played in these groups before. I’ve just only been accustomed to solo playing… The chamber groups are also a valuable opportunity because they allow you to meet different people playing different instruments,” said Huang.

Adrian Lin ’22, oboist and fellow orchestra member, shared how Huang shows his passion for music through the energy he brings. Lin admires Huang’s ability to spark joy during rehearsals.

“[Huang is] energetic not only in his playing, but he also brings his energy to rehearsals. He basically lightens up rehearsals and really makes things fun, and he’s there enjoying and making music together,” said Lin.

In addition to performing, Huang has also learned how to compose music of his own, taking inspiration from clarinetist Martin Fröst.

“Beyond my hobbies in the clarinet and piano, I’m also a little composer. I love composing, and clarinet gives me a lot of inspirations in composing,” said Huang

Huang pursues his passion for music beyond the regular rehearsals and performances. According to Fu, music is truly a significant and constant part of Huang’s day-to-day life.

“I think [Huang] kind of embodies [music]… He’s always humming, he’s always singing, he’s always enthusiastic about it. That’s probably the thing that stands out about Jason,” said Fu.