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Four-Year Leader Katie Wimmer ’21 Is a Constant Positive Presence in the Net

Andover Field Hockey Captain and goalie Katie Wimmer ’21 started playing field hockey in the sixth grade. After joining the Northeast Elite, a local club in Windham, New Hampshire, she grew to love the sport. Now the Captain and goalie of Andover’s team, Wimmer is thankful for the leadership opportunity and strives to do her best even under this season’s compromised circumstances.

“I think it’s definitely a very interesting time to be the Captain, and I’m grateful for it in a sense too because we’re going to try to bring the team together as best we can, even though we’re not physically together, and we can’t necessarily play field hockey. I think that PAFH is more than just a field hockey team, it’s like a family,” said Wimmer.

According to teammate Rachel Neyman ’22, Wimmer has always had a strong presence on the field, keeping the team motivated.

“Even before she was named Captain, she was a leader on the field. She understands the game well, and she knew how to help out teammates on and off the field and pick up the energy when it was down. She always got everyone excited to play and ready or eager to win,” said Neyman.

As a goalie, Wimmer can be found directing the team from the net to help her teammates work as a cohesive unit, according to teammate Anna Bargman ’21.

“She’s not afraid to speak up and tell us how it is: how we’re doing, what we need to do better, or what we’re doing great. She has a good balance of positives and what we need to work on,” said Bargman. 

“Even though she’s in the net, she’s not on the field or on the bench, you can still hear her voice, and it’s really comforting to know that she’s back there and she can tell you what to do,” Bargman continued.

According to teammate Ellie Harrison ’22, Wimmer’s positivity and commitment to her game are some of her strongest leadership qualities.

“Katie brings passion and dedication to the team. Not only is she a phenomenal player and leader on the field, but she is also a great teammate and friend. Katie has a positive attitude and is making the best of her senior season,” said Harrison.

As a Captain, Wimmer derives inspiration from her club coach, Andover coaches, and teammates, both past and present, to guide the team forward. 

“My club coach is a good role model and the people that I’ve met there. The coaches at my club and also my middle school coach, she was amazing. [Head-Coach Kate Dolan] is a fantastic role model. Also some past PAFH players, some members of the class of  ’18, ’19, and ’20,” said Wimmer. “They taught me really good work ethic, the importance of being a part of a team, and overall just how to be a better field hockey player.”

According to Neyman, Wimmer translates the knowledge she has learned from her role models into teaching her teammates to demonstrate respect on and off the field, which has positively impacted the perspectives of her fellow teammates.

“A valuable lesson I’ve learned from [Wimmer] is how to be a respectful person, specifically in the realm of athletics. She’s never fought back with [referees] or done anything that is unsportsmanlike. She’s just a really respectful person and athlete,” said Neyman.