Through Thick and Thin

To our readers: We hope that you are staying safe and healthy amid this uncertain time. We hope that you are keeping good hygiene and practicing social distancing as much as you can, in trying to keep you and those around you safe.

What we are experiencing now is unprecedented. There are so many uncertainties in all shapes and sizes. Each person is facing unknowns in their lives, and we understand how scary it may be to not have control of even the simple things in your lives. This lack of control is occurring all around the world. Global issues that have always been pressing now stay at the forefront of our periphery: food insecurity, limited and exclusionary access to crucial health and medical services, access to education, safety, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly exacerbated these preexisting problems but has introduced some new ones as well.

No matter what it is that you may be going through, we urge you all to remember to retain a sense of community. If you can, stay connected with your loved ones. Stay connected with your friends and with those trusted people that you know you can count on. Extend this connection to people that you may not know as well. Say thank you and be compassionate. Wear a smile under your mask. Always remember to show gratitude to the people that make every day possible.

We would also like to give our thanks. Thank you to our healthcare workers, grocery store employees, sanitation workers, first responders, and more. Thank you to our teachers for supporting us both academically and personally. Thank you to all of our trusted adults and peers for staying by our sides. Thank you to our friends and families for providing laughter and comfort. Thank you to those people who are trying to make a difference, whether big or small, in their communities. Thank you, readers, for doing your best to keep us all safe and healthy.

Our thoughts go out to you if you have experienced loss from this pandemic. Our thoughts go out to you if you are currently struggling with your health—whether mental, physical, or emotional—or if you’re struggling to keep afloat. We are here for you, no matter who you are. We will only be able to get through this if we all stay together.

Our primary role as a newspaper is to serve our community, so here is our message to you: we are still here. We are going to do what we’ve always done, which is to keep our community informed. No matter what our presence gives you, we hope that it helps you get through. If this issue gives you a sense of normalcy, that’s great. If it gives you joy as you scroll through different articles, that’s great. If you miss feeling indifferent about The Phillipian and are now able to rekindle that emotion, that’s great, too! We hope to remain a constant amidst this pandemic no matter what that may mean to you personally. We need to maintain hope and strength. We need to listen to our medical experts and follow the proper guidelines. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Practice social distancing. This issue is our promise to you: that we will continue to serve our community no matter what. And whether or not we can create a weekly paper, we will always be there for you through thick and thin.

This editorial represents the views of The Phillipian, vol. CXLIII