Spring Coach Reactions

Coach Thayer Zaeder (Cycling):

“Coach Duclos (assistant coach) has been sending team members and prospective riders a training plan and Strava links in case they have access to workout options.”

“Next year will likely be a rebuilding year and unfortunately this year’s captains, Seniors Grace Hitchcock ’20 and Anthony Minickiello ’20, were not able to show their prowess and growth as racers. Both Captains were likely to finish in the top ten and Grace was a likely repeat for best female varsity rider.”

“Every year the cycling team works hard to recruit new riders and build a team. Next year that challenge will be even more acute.”

Head Coach Clyfe Beckwith (Boys Volleyball):

“We would have had a young team this year one way or another; the three Seniors were to be a vital part of the rotation that had high hopes to vie for the championship.”

“[I am] very sad not to be with the team every afternoon. Missing the Friday pasta dinners at my house and the PAVB family in general.”

Head Coach Heidi Wall ’94 (Girls Lacrosse):

“We’ve been doing a variety of different things. I’ve had lots of conversations throughout this whole time with the captains and seniors, trying to figure out those ways to connect. We’ve created a GroupMe group for the whole crew that was trying out for the varsity team to try and stay connected, and that’s been a good way just to share some of our workout routines, different things that we’re doing to stay motivated. We’ve used our instagram page as a way to share some of that as well, we did the virtual 5k challenge this past week, so that was a great way for all of us to feel like we were participating in something. I’m talking to the captains today, actually, about some additional challenges that we’re hoping to throw out there. I’ve created a Canvas page that has a lot of different individual work that athletes can be practicing whether it’s different stickwork, speed work, agility, draw control, all sorts of things that people can be working on on their own in this time. I’ve sent lots of stuff, fitness related, so different workout plans to work on, cardio base and speed work as well. We also are encouraging groups of buddies to connect, and so that’s a way for us to build the team with the returners and new players, so that’s in the works. Your coaches have all written you little notes and sent you a little present that’s going to be coming in the mail this week, they’re actually bracelets, so keep an eye out for those, but that’s a way for us symbolically to be together in this off-season.”

“I think the reason to continue to engage this whole group of players that was trying out for the varsity team is a way to continue to build the program. We are graduating ten Seniors next year, so that will have a big impact on the team, and I think just continuing to pull together this community of Andover Girls Lacrosse is an important way for us to build the program. It’s been super challenging to build team in the off-season but we’re doing the best we can! We’re going to continue to try to be creative in this time!”

Head Coach Kevin Graber (Baseball):

“We’re doing a good amount to support players during this challenging time. We created a Google Docs directory of video links to baseball drills and conditioning workouts players can follow at home with minimal or no equipment. We also collaborated with a professional pitching coach from the Milwaukee Brewers organization to put in place a five-week throwing, arm strength, and arm-care program players can follow with or without a partner. In the meantime, I’ve posted instructional videos on YouTube, not only for our players, but for anyone in the baseball community to watch and learn from.”

“Our cancelled season has been particularly difficult for our Senior Captains, Lucas Stowe ’20 and Peter Ling ’20, so we posted video tributes to our social media accounts honoring their contributions to the program.”

“We’ve done our best to have some fun as well, collaborating on a series of team #alonetogether videos.”

“And finally, with our season cancelled, our current uppers are missing out on the opportunity to play in front of college coaches, so we’ve started a social media push we’re calling Rising Senior Spotlights, in which we post individual highlight videos aimed at college recruiters.”

Youtube channel: Phillips Andover Big Blue Baseball

Head Coach James Beaudoin (Boys Lacrosse):

“I was excited for building some positive memories with our players, the pride of coaching for Andover this year and building some relationships with the players, the coaching staff, the greater community within Andover, and the coaching community of the teams we play.”

“I recommend our players doing what they can with what they have. A backyard goal, a sibling or their parents, if they have a gym, or if you’re lacking in some of that, situps, pushups, and sprinting which is a huge component of lacrosses to stay in shape. Also, lots of film and great online content is being put out for free. So, you can really tailor that to your situation at home, and I really recommend kids stay at home or in their backyard for the most part to stay safe.”

“To cope with this stressful time, I’ve been playing with my seven-year-old, five-year-old, and three-year-old sons lacrosse, hockey, and tag in the backyard or doing Star Wars marathons and baking, to try to find some joy where we can with my wife, kids, and dogs to really try to make the best of the situation that we can.”