Abigail Siegfried Appointed Music Dept. Chair

Abbey Siegfried leads Fidelio, the Phillips Academy Chorus, and several other music programs on campus.

Abbey Siegfried, Instructor in Musical Theater and Dance, and School Organist, will replace Christina Landolt, Instructor in Music, as Chair of the Music Department in the Fall of 2020.

Landolt explained the multiple responsibilities of the position including both daily and long-term tasks.

“The Music Department Chair has many varied roles from scheduling classes to managing our inventory of instruments and supporting the many adjunct music teachers we have teaching here in addition to the nine full time faculty. It also involves communicating with families, prospective students, and alumni about events and opportunities on campus,” wrote Landolt in an email to The Phillipian.

Ariel Wang ’21, a member of the Academy Band and Orchestra, grew close to Siegfried last spring during the Performing in the World tour in Portugal. Wang looks forward to Siegfried’s appointment and commented on her love and appreciation for music, as well as her kindness.

“I’m really excited because I think she definitely really loves music just by the way I’ve seen her conduct the Chorus and in our shows with them and the way she works with us. When we had all these pieces in Portugal, she would always explain the pieces right before we played them and you could just see how much she genuinely cares about the music. Just in my own time, I’ve talked with her a lot about music just outside of everything,” said Wang.

Charles Yoon ’20 has participated in the Academy Chorus for three years under Siegfried. He appreciates Siegfried’s uniqueness as Chorus director, particularly her style of conduction.

“I’m used to conductors being very subdued or, you know, not as emotional, animated. But she is extremely on the other side, so it’s a unique experience. I think she does a very good job of being the Chorus Director. It’s a very fun experience, and she puts a lot of her thought and love into conducting it and also into the music. It’s really a product of love and labor,” said Yoon.

Yoon added that he thinks Siegfried is ready for this new position, especially given her passion for music.

“I think she’s definitely up for the job. She’s very vocal, and she’s very active about the things she believes in. She very clearly has a vision for the future of the Music Department. She’s very excited for the new Music Department building we’re going to get a few years from now. She’s excited to expand the different courses and offerings the school has,” said Yoon.

In Siegfried’s future position, Wang hopes to see her more at different music spaces on campus, such as Graves Hall.

“As instrumental as [Siegfried is], we don’t see her a lot [at Graves]. I know where she is when she has to do Chorus and everything, and I know she teaches organ. But most of the time I see her at the Chapel and very rarely do I see her at Graves. So I’m excited if this means we get to see more of her and if we get to see more of Chorus and Fidelio,” said Wang.

Editor’s Note: Abigail Siegfried did not respond to a request for comment.