Girls Varsity Hockey Beats St. Paul’s 7-6 In Saturday Thriller

Gwyn Lapp ’22 scored one of Andover’s four goals against Lawrence Academy.

Tied 6-6 with three minutes left in the game, Co-Captain Lilly Feeney ’20 dangled the St. Paul’s defender before passing to Olivia O’Brien PG’20, who scored and secured victory for Andover. After its win over St. Paul’s, Andover Girls Hockey went on to beat Lawrence Academy this past Wednesday. Andover’s record now stands at 8-4.

According to Feeney, St. Paul’s is one of the strongest teams in the league and Andover’s toughest competitor.

“It was a pretty high-scoring game… We were super pumped up to play St. Paul’s because they are always at the top of the league and they are always one of our biggest competitors, so we were definitely super excited,” said Feeney.

The most difficult part of the game was maintaining their determination despite St. Paul’s unexpected surge of energy, according to Abby Lamontagne ’21.

“Trying to get our momentum [after] the first period was pretty [difficult]. We got a four-goal lead, but then they just came out with so much fire the second period. [St. Paul’s] had all the momentum in the second so having to persevere after just giving up four straight goals and coming out in the third was just [about] getting over that mental challenge,” Lamontagne said.

Co-Captain and goalkeeper Sophia Merageas ’20 kept Andover in the game against St. Paul’s with her continuous effort and protection at net, according to Lamontagne.

Lamontagne said, “[Merageas] really kept us in the game, especially in the second period. Even though they scored four goals, she gave us a fighting chance for sure because St. Paul’s is a very good team.”

On Wednesday, Andover traveled to Lawrence Academy, winning 4-1. The team had been focusing on its defensive-zone coverage throughout practices this week, according to Liv McManus ’23 and Feeney.

McManus said, “Our focus of the game was to leave it all out on the ice, and work together as a team, and bring all the concepts together that we had been working on in practice.”

Andover will next face St. Mark’s at home on Saturday.