Indie Rock Band “The Velvicks” Deliver Live Rock and Roll Performance

The Velvicks formed in the Winter of 2017 after being discovered by a booking agent at a live music party. They recently completed their first album, which is to be released soon.

The audience roared with applause as Victor Nader, Lead Vocalist and frontman of the indie rock band The Velvicks introduced the band’s single “Hit Me Like Sugar”. Electric guitarist Vinny da Silva began by playing a repetition of an upbeat set of chords, soon joined by drummer Eduardo Marson and bassist Apoena Frota. Nader then began singing, his movements changing with each beat.

Audience member Christine Michael ’22 said, “The band’s energy was a bit unexpected, but I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of unapologetically being yourself and doing what you enjoy. They all looked like they were living in the moment, which is something I think a lot of people need to improve on.”

The Velvicks performed last Friday in Susie’s. The group, comprised of four longtime friends from Brazil, started out by throwing basement parties in Brooklyn and began playing major locations, such as Irving Plaza, a few years later. According to Nader, the band has had a humble beginning.

“We were always jamming, we were always playing, but one key thing was that the drummer rented a place in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn and he had an entire basement where we made a studio like a practice space, so we started to throw parties there,” said Nader. “One particular night, we played and a person in the party was a booking agent, and she came out and said, ‘Hey you guys sound awesome, can I book you guys shows?’ And [at that point] we weren’t even a band yet, but we [said] ‘Sure!’”

According to da Silva, although most of the band members’ background in music comes from Brazil, they have devoted their entire musical careers to rock and roll. da Silva listed some of the bands that The Velvicks takes their inspiration from.

“21 Pilots, Breaking Benjamin, I admire them a lot. I grew up in the 90’s so a lot of 90’s bands, grunge bands, pro jam, Nirvana, they’re big influences for us, even for Victor as a songwriter. Radiohead is a big one for us as a band, and all of the classics — Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix” said da Silva.

Nader noted that the Velvicks are set to release their debut album in February, and have plans to tour and perform live all over the country next year. According to Nader, this album is a collection of songs that they have been working on and performing for years.

Audience member Addie Allen ’21 believes there should be more live events on campus. She claims music in particular is important for the student body to get to experience more in person.

“I think we don’t have enough live music—smaller band experiences—especially nowadays listening to our phones and computers, it’s a whole different experience, and you also get to support a new up and coming band which I think is really great,” said Allen.