Boys Hockey Wins Two of First Three Games

Saving 36 shots throughout the game, Goalkeeper and Assistant Captain Charlie Archer ’20 secured a win against Albany Academy during the Tabor Jamboree this past weekend. Andover Boys Hockey beat Albany Academy 5-2 and ended the Jamboree with a 1-1 record.

Archer’s numerous saves gave the rest of the team confidence throughout the whole game, according to Joey Zheng ’23.

“[Archer] has athletic ability I have never seen anyone else have before. There were a ton of highly unreal saves that Charlie made. He had numerous saves that just gave the team the energy we needed to keep going,” said Zheng.

Andover’s offensive aggression also contributed to the team’s win, according to Matt Skobelev PG’20.

“We had a lot of energy and put a lot of shots on goal to the net, which gave us good morale. We had a lot of contributions in goal from forwards,” said Skobelev.

During Andover’s second match-up at the Jamboree, the team suffered a 1-3 loss against host Tabor Academy.

Andover lacked the energy that was present against Albany Academy while playing Tabor, according to Christian Ivancich ’22.

“I think we were just tired coming out for the second game on Sunday. For the first game, what really helped was that it had that first game atmosphere, we were all super pumped and excited, and that just really helped us push forward. For the game against Tabor, we were all a bit tired and didn’t have the game-day mentality,” said Ivancich.

After last weekend’s jamboree, Andover defeated Thayer at home 2-1 on Wednesday.

According to Patrick Last ’22, despite a power outage at Harrison Rink before the game, Andover was focused and demonstrated its ability to play as a team.

“There was a power outage at the rink before, so it was kind of concerning if we were even going to be able to play the game or not, and we got on a little bit late. It was good that our team stayed mentally strong and was prepared for the game,” said Last.

He continued, “Thayer had a lot of individual players, they didn’t want to play together and work as well as a team, but we worked as a team, so we were able to win.”

Andover will face New Hampton at home on Friday.