Andover Orchestras and Bands Perform Short Selections For Family Weekend

Friday night’s performance was the first concert of the year for all four participating ensembles.

The powerful sounds of the orchestra slowly dimmed to a soft melody of two violins and a cello, the deep tone of the cello complementing the higher pitch of the violins. All three instruments slowly built to a crescendo, and the orchestra joined in again as the audience applauded the soloists. Audience member Alana Yang ’21 noted how the two violinists, Hazel Koh ’21 and Isabel Chin ’21, and cellist, Jimin Kim ’20, captured her attention with their playing.

“One of my favorite things in this concert was during the Academy Chamber Orchestra’s performance [when] Koh, Chin, and Kim played sort of a solo within the piece. The communication that they had was just phenomenal and they all played really well and I thought that was really, really amazing,” said Yang.

The trio was a part of a piece by George Frideric Handel, performed by the Academy Chamber Orchestra during the Academy Bands and Orchestra Concert in Cochran Chapel over Family Weekend. Four musical ensembles performed: the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Academy Chamber Orchestra, Academy Symphony Orchestra, and Academy Concert Band.

The orchestras and band had only about a month to practice and rehearse for the concert. According to Derek Jacoby, Director of the Academy Chamber Orchestra, the students successfully performed relatively longer concert pieces at a higher level compared to previous years despite the short preparation time. Percussionist Brandon Chandler ’20 echoed this sentiment.

“The most unique part was that [the concert] was so challenging. It’s always interesting when we have some more difficult pieces to play in band because they really make us stretch our own abilities,” said Chandler.

The Family Weekend concert is also unique in that the orchestras have a combined concert with the bands, according to Christina Landolt, Director of the Academy Symphony Orchestra. Carolina Weatherall ’21, concertmaster of the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, commented on why she thought the joint concert made the concert unique and was a good experience.

“I don’t ever remember combining it with concert band, and I actually really liked it because the audience gets to watch combined concert band and orchestra, and we all play in the same night. It was cool because you get a different take and get to hear different styles of music,” said Weatherall.

According to Holly Barnes, Director of Performances, the concert is much shorter than others in the year in order to accomodate for Grasshopper Night. Furthermore, it is meant to showcase a small portion of each ensemble’s ability, according to Kayla Lang ’22, principal violinist in the Amadeus Chamber Orchestra.

“This concert was important because it is a special opportunity to show many families and family members what music is at Andover. There are so many ensembles and each of them have such a unique sound. I hope this concert shows the work that is put in to make it happen, and also gives the families a nice performance,” said Lang.

Editor’s Note: Jimin Kim is a Layout Editor for The Phillipian.