GVS Ties Choate, Defeats Brooks in Two Away Games

Redirecting a crossed ball from Isobel Glass ’21, Nicola Sommers PG’20 kicked it past the keeper to score Andover’s sole goal of the game with less than six minutes remaining. Andover ended the game in a 1-1 tie against Choate.

Despite the early goal Choate scored, the team was able to regain composure, according to Emily Kelly ’22 and Myra Bhathena ’22.

“After that goal, we got really hectic and we got really frantic and started not playing our game, so we regrouped and from there we worked very well, and it was a very beatable game,” said Kelly.

“We played with a sense of calm and composure. Our possession was definitely better than Choate’s, because they played more of a kick and run game while we tried to possess the ball and actually pass around them in order to score, which we did in the last five minutes to tie,” said Bhathena.

Andover also faced off against Brooks on Tuesday. In practice leading up to this game, the team focused on possession and fitness as well as keeping good shape, according to Kelly and Glass.

“At practice we tried to use the width as much as we could, so we did a lot of drills to force us to use our widths more. I think it showed in the game, we were able to switch the field much more,” Kelly said.

“Our team, especially the midfield, switched the ball quickly and effectively on counter attacks to allow for numerous scoring opportunities,” said Glass.

Against Brooks, the team’s ability to finish on its opportunities was highlighted with a goal from Madison Bourassa ’20, who recently recovered from a knee injury, and one from Bella Di Benedetto ’20 on a free kick 25 yards out. Andover defeated Brooks 4-2.

Andover continued to maintain a high level of play in both halves against Brooks, according to Liberty Stam ’22.

“Something we’ve been doing [well] is making sure that our first halves are just as strong as our second halves, so we’re not dropping off. That’s been really prevalent in all of our games this season, especially in the one against Brooks. Going into half two, it’s definitely tough just bringing a whole new energy and a whole new mentality, and they didn’t have any shots in that half, so I think we’ve been doing well at just staying disciplined, focused and diligent in both of our halves,” said Stam.

In the coming games, the team wants to limit avoidable errors and play with urgency, according to Stam and Mary Stuart Kerrigan ’22.

“When [Brooks] got the ball it was because we made a bad pass or we gave up a 50-50 [ball], like it’s all really fixable,” said Stam.

Kerrigan said, “It’s super important now that we’re halfway through the season and our bodies are getting tired, so mistakes just can’t happen anymore if we want to continue our success.”

The team will travel to St. Paul’s on Saturday.