Co-Captain Maddy Silveira ’20 Exudes Humor and Toughness

D.. ZHU/The Phillipian

Maddy Silveira ’20 is a tri-Varsity athlete.

Andover Girls Soccer Co-Captain Maddy Silveira ’20 has consistently brought energy and dedication to the field since joining the team in her Junior year. According to Silveira, soccer has served as a source of joy for her ever since she started playing at four years old. 

“I fell in love with the sport because I was almost always playing with the best of my friends, so it was just fun hanging out with them and having fun together. It’s fun to score goals and win,” wrote Silveira in an email to The Phillipian.

Silveira’s presence repeatedly brings high energy to the team before games and during practice, according to Co-Captain Rachel Chang ’20 and teammate Myra Bhathena ’22.

“I find Maddy to be very level headed, and she carries a calming persona with her, which is nice because it brings a great energy to the team. For example, when we need energy, she has it, but other times when someone is panicking or there’s a lot of urgency, she can balance that out. She also has this energy that is so uplifting but I also feel like she just knows what she’s doing because she is so experienced,” Chang said. 

Bhathena added, “Maddy is a very outgoing Captain and is always very hyped and really helps the team get pumped up before a game.” 

In addition to her ability to influence the team’s players, Silveira’s willingness to give feedback to others and play any position for the team has made her a large contributor to the team’s success, according to teammate Isobel Glass ’21 and Head Coach Lisa Joel.

Glass said, “[Silveira] makes sure everyone knows when they’re doing well and is great at uplifting the team. [She gives] really good feedback throughout the game that inspires all of us to play harder and better.”  

“Silveira knows that if there were ever a crisis with a goalkeeper situation, she would be our goalkeeper. There’s no question about it, and [her teammates] mostly just approach it with joy and an open mind which is really important,” added Joel.

According to Silveira, soccer has played a monumental role in her time at Andover as a whole.

“I care about this team more and more every year because I feel like I’ve played my part in building us to this point,” wrote Silveira. “I like spending my time with some of my favorite people on campus. I like getting hyped up for games. I like feeling like I’m impacting something I care about in a positive way…. [Coach Joel] has been my favorite coach of all time. She is truly the only coach that I have ever considered family.”

According to Chang and Bhathena, in addition to her leadership off the field, Silveira’s physical ability and role as a relentless worker on the field helps her set a good example for her teammates.

“She works really hard. If you see her running on the field, she will be running like crazy all the time which is very hard to do sometimes, so I really admire her ability to pull through and give it her all each and every time. Sometimes I don’t even know how she does it, but she’ll be fully surrounded [and] somehow she is able to get out of the crowd with the ball which is so exciting and brings a lot of energy to the team,” said Chang.

Bhathena added, “Maddy is a very powerful striker up top who can hold the ball when we look for her until the rest of the attack can get up and support her. She is also powerful in the box where you can shoot as she has scored many goals from different angles.”  

This season, Silveira hopes to develop a supportive team environment in hopes of translating team chemistry into success on the field.

“I want everyone to feel like they can be their complete selves with this team, and that we will be better for it,” wrote Silveira.

With an undefeated record so far into the season, Silveira believes that the team can go far this year.

“I want to win the championship,” wrote Silveira. “Whatever it takes.”

Editor’s Note: Rachel Chang is a News Editor for The Phillipian.