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Girl’s Field Hockey Blanks Governor’s

The team suffered its first loss since the 2017 season against Tabor on Saturday.

Anna Bargman ’21 passed the ball to Olivia O’Brien PG’20, who lifted it over the goalie and into the back of the net, scoring Andover Field Hockey’s only goal in its 1-0 win against Governor’s on Wednesday.

Andover previously fell to Tabor on Saturday in overtime, with a score of 5-4. The team now holds a 5-1 record.

In Saturday’s game, Andover focused on its spacing and getting the ball down the field, according to Presley Kmeta-Suarez ’22 and Tory Rider ’22.

Kmeta-Suarez said, “Our mindset was just to get the ball down the field and keep it on the other teams end. Also, making good passes, getting the ball to space more, and stretching the field.”

“We wanted to work on spacing and not being so clumped in the middle, and also really work on using the sides of the field and keeping it wide, but at the same time using our center midfielder. [We] also [worked on] having spacial awareness of the field,” said Rider.

According to Rider, the weather and field conditions at Tabor affected the team’s playing style, especially during overtime.

“There was just a lot going on… playing in the heat was super hot, and because we were on the turf it made it worse. It was good that everyone was hydrated,” said Rider.

In preparation for Wednesday’s game, the team practiced its corners and passes to space, according to Rachel Neyman ’22.

“We also have been working on inside and outside passes. I think we are going to work on our corners a lot. Defensive corners were one of our weaknesses in the game,” said Neyman.

Against Governor’s, the team showed improvement in its defensive play and positioning, which ultimately helped it prevail, according to Olivia Nolan ’20 and Gwyn Lapp ’22.

Nolan said, “I think the team did a good job of stepping up to the ball to stop [Governor’s] from moving into our offensive zone. In our game against Tabor we were letting them carry the ball through the middle and it led to them getting some quality shots on net.”

Lapp said, “Staying wide and creating space throughout the field went well today because a lot of times we have a tendency to crowd the middle, but once we play a game where we are all spread out its really helpful. That’s how we get more balls down the field.”

Andover will travel to Choate this Saturday.