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Boys Water Polo Wins Five in a Row

E..ELLESWEIG/The Phillipian

Theo Faugeres ’21 scored five goals in Saturday’s games.

Receiving the ball from nine meters out, Theo Faugeres ’21 scored on a skip shot into the top right corner of the goal, bringing Andover Boys Water Polo to a 6-3 lead against Williston Northampton last Saturday. Andover went on to best Williston 9-8. Two hours later, the team also defeated Hotchkiss 14-5.

According to Gregor Deveau ’21 and Hank Yang ’22, in its doubleheader win on Saturday, the team came together well even without its hole set player, Max Hunger ’20.

“After our first game, we knew we needed to step up,” said Deveau. “We only beat Williston by one goal and knew that Hotchkiss wasn’t going to be any easier without our big hole set man Max. The team communicated very well and we have a very strong defensive game.”

“Deveau really stood out that game, filling in for our absent Max Hunger in the hole set position,” added Yang. “He scored multiple times and made several smart plays, playing a big part in our double victory.”

Andover also defeated St. John’s Prep 17-7 on Wednesday, putting the team’s record at 6-3.

After a close first half, Andover was able to take control of the game and pulled away with the lead, according to Deveau.

“The team was proud with our overall ability to run the score,” said Deveau. “After the first two quarters, it was a close game in score, but after the third quarter, we took an eight-goal lead. Everyone did their job and finished strong when it mattered most.”

As a team, Andover felt as though it came together to beat its opponents. The team’s chemistry continues to grow and its record is improving at a similar rate, according to Yang and Captain Sam Donchi ’20.

“I think our chemistry has been top-notch, especially in our most recent games,” said Yang. “Going into the game short-handed, with a few members ill and without Max Hunger, who usually provides us with incredible offensive prowess when playing, we were able to work together and find out how to win. We communicated well and helped each other in difficult situations.”

“In general, our keys for success this season have been communicating well in the pool, using our speed as a team to our advantage, and just becoming closer as a team,” said Donchi.

For its upcoming games, the team looks to improve defense, according to Donchi. 

“We still really need to work on our defense as a team. In our games, there was a lot of fouling outside of 5 meters which gives the other team a free shot. Other than that, just working to get open on offense, not simply sitting static,” said Donchi.

Yang added, “Our transition defense needs some work. We gave up several goals because we left our opponents open on the fast break. We need to learn how to anticipate these plays so we can concede less.”

The team will face Choate at home this Saturday.