Natalie Warren ’18 Achieves Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ Playlist

Warren’s single was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, a playlist with a following of 3 million.

Piano and complementary clicks lead into the upbeat rhythm and harmonizing vocals of the first verse of “comehangoutcuzimagoodtime,” which has been streamed on Spotify over 188,000 times. Natalie Warren ’18 co-wrote the song with producer Des Papareillo a few months ago, which was then released in August by the singing group Walkabout.

According to Warren, she and Des wanted the song to emit a sense of relaxation and youthfulness.

“The idea for [the song] was meant to be a late-night summer driving anthem. It’s about teenage reckless platonic fun times. No funny business, nothing bad. It’s all, for lack of a better term, meant to be good vibes. We wanted a fun song that people could lightheartedly listen to and enjoy,” said Warren.

Warren worked with Papareillo to write the song over the span of just two days. The track itself had already been produced by Papareillo, and Warren explained that he came to her looking for her advice and singing expertise. With the framework already done, they collaborated on the melody and lyrics.

“He had the whole track produced and he had a hook that he wanted to use, ‘Come hang out it’s a good time.’ He didn’t know where to go with it and he knew that I sang and wrote and wanted my help to finish it. That’s what we did,” said Warren.

According to Warren, “comehangoutcuzimagoodtime” received more attention than she had expected going into the project. The song was also featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, which has three million followers.

“I knew he had a big platform because he had a bunch of music out already… but it’s been so cool seeing a song that I was part of… get so many streams so quickly. I never would have imagined that,” said Warren.

While a student at Andover, Warren was a member of the a cappella group Keynotes[a]. Her passion for music stemmed from theater performances, which she began to experiment with at a very young age. At the age of 14, she picked up the guitar to explore more of the music world.

“I have been doing theater since I was three years old,” said Warren. “I have always loved to sing. I didn’t do it in a structured capacity until I joined Keynotes, which was really fun and helped me grow a lot as a singer and performer. ”

Sofia Garcia ’21, a member of Keynotes alongside Warren, reflected on the time she spent with Warren as part of the group. She recalled the positive energy and joy that Warren brought to their rehearsals.

“Natalie was a huge role model for all of us, especially the sopranos. She’s super vibrant, creative, and brought a lot of positive energy to the group… She was a very important contributor to the group dynamic,” said Garcia.

After listening to the song, Melissa Damasceno ’22 described the nostalgia and joy she experienced from the lyrics. She explained how the lyrics reminded her of her past, and of something she would have listened to years prior.

“My favorite lyrics are ‘let’s take a drive and listen to “Electric Love” tonight’, because I like the song “Electric Love”, and it also captures the emotion [Walkabout was] going for: the emotion being carefree and happy. It makes me feel like I’m in the car in 2012 and I’m listening to the Top 100,” said Damasceno.

In the future, Warren hopes to continue pursuing her passion for music as a hobby. As a full-time college student, she balances her schedule around homework and music. Currently, she is working with Papareillo on new songs.

“Des and I are still working together. I’m helping him with a couple more songs right now that are in development. It’s a really fun hobby, and it’s really cool that people are actually listening to the music that I help make. I’m definitely going to continue doing it,” said Warren.