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Field Hockey Blanks Loomis

Captain Carly Kreytak ’20 plays back middle for Andover.

Smashing the ball off a penalty, Anna Bargman ’21 scored the first goal in Andover Field Hockey’s 6-0 defeat of Loomis Chaffee last Saturday, bringing the team’s record to 3-0.

According to Presley Kmeta-Suarez ’22, the team started off slow due to weak communication on the field. By halftime, Andover led by only a single goal.

Kmeta-Suarez said, “In the first half, I don’t think that we were communicating with each other, and that was leading to us not stepping to balls or not going to open space and not being able to pass the ball because… we didn’t know where other people were on the field.”

According to Rachel Neyman ’22 and Katie Wimmer ’21, the team began to see improvements in its communication and overall energy early in the second half.

“In the second half we moved [the ball] quicker and sent it to other teammates rather than holding on to it, so I think that’s what helped us out. Also, we got more energy, got more energetic as the game went on and in the second half we really picked it up; we picked up the pace and the intensity and communication,” said Neyman.

Wimmer added, “I think we were really good at carrying our momentum because we scored one goal, and then we scored our second, then we scored a bunch of goals in a short period of time.”

According to Kmeta-Suarez, the team’s play within the defensive circle helped it prevail against Loomis.

“I think that the defensemen had a really good job pressuring the other team out of the circle and into the side-line, and I think we did a good job trying to get the ball upfield. And we didn’t have a lot of shots on goal so that was good,” said Kmeta-Suarez.

Kmeta-Suarez commended Captain Carly Kreytak ’20 and Linda Bibeau ’20 specifically for their especially strong performances on Saturday.

“I think Linda, our person far back, and Carly, our captain, are both really strong players and they both really stood out. Carly always does a great job getting the ball to open space and making good passes. We can always rely on Linda in the backfield to get the ball and get it upfield,” said Kmeta Suarez.

On Saturday, Andover will face Tabor on the road.

Editor’s Note: Linda Bibeau is a Sports Editor for The Phillipian.