Black Tie Bingo Brings School Community Together in Fun Game

D. ZHU/The Phillipian

Although the event was called “Black Tie Bingo,” students came dressed in a variety of outifts ranging from t-shirts to dresses.

Students gathered around tables in Lower Left of Paresky Commons, hunched over bingo cards, and nervously waited for their numbers to be called. After the announcement of each number, the crowd erupted into a medley of joyous cheers and sighs of disappointment.

The Student Activity Committee (STACT) hosted a Black Tie Bingo night in Lower Left this past Friday evening. Su Huai Chermayeff ’21, member of the STACT board, explained why the board decided to host the event.

“In previous years, bingo has always been popular and everyone loves a little friendly competition to win dorm snacks and free food. We wanted to change bingo up a little bit and… ‘Black Tie Bingo’ was called out, and everyone agreed that it was the perfect theme. [With] the board [composed of] students, we knew that students [love] an excuse to dress up. Taking a game [as] simple as bingo and making it formal both seemed fun and funny,” said Chermayeff.

At the event, the announcers handed out food prizes, such as Skittles, Kraft Mac and Cheese, and chips. Chocolate and vanilla cannolis, among other desserts, were also served. According to attendee Sadie Cheston-Harris ’20, the event provided an opportunity to meet new people and have fun.

“Having the bingo night during the beginning of the year was perfect, because it gave both new and returning students a chance to meet people they might not know, but also spend time with their friends. Since there was food to eat and also prizes, that also brought a lot of people together,” said Cheston-Harris.

Dori Rosenstrauch ’23 attended the event with her prefect and friends and managed to make new friends at the event.

“This event [was] a great opportunity to meet new people. I didn’t know everyone’s name coming in, but one of the girls who won is from Texas, so I went up to her and told her that I’m also from Texas. Turns out we live very near each other, so that was very cool,” said Rosenstrauch.