Elaine Irvin ’19 Continues to Put in Work Despite Injuries

Elaine Irvin ’19 has served as the Co-Captain of Andover Girls Crew this year, following in the footsteps of her older sister, Liz Ervin ’17. Her sister was the one who inspired Irvin to start rowing during her Junior year.

Irvin said, “I rowed on the same team as my [sister] for the first two years, and she was always the upperclassman that made the lowerclassmen feel really welcomed. She always set the tone as she was the captain her Senior year, and I always admired how she led the team.”

Irvin has grown to love the sport for many reasons but especially values the strong team-first attitude which the sport promotes.

Irvin said, “Andover Crew specifically, we have that mindset where everyone is in it together. There is such a sense of community and unity which is something I really love about the team.”

Due to a wrist and back injury, Irvin has not been able to compete as frequently this season, but nonetheless continues to work hard both in and out of the water, according to fellow Co-Captain Ina Li ’19.

“She has really stepped it up with training off the water and does a lot of stuff out of practice as well. She is one of the most humble people I’ve ever met. Even with the crappy things that have happened, she has never complained about them and just gets to work. Everyone looks up to her and follows suit because of how hard she works. It is really motivating and I couldn’t have done the season without her,” said Li.

Setting a strong example with her positive attitude and dedicated work ethic, Irvin serves as a role model for everyone on the team, according to Sofia Garcia ’21.

“Elaine is a really awesome role model both on and off the water. On the water she puts in all the work no matter how much her wrist is hurting because she is recovering from a wrist injury. She always works her hardest and does her best to make the boat go faster,” said Garcia

Additionally, her flexibility as a rower on the team in relation to her seating position has made Irvin a valuable asset to the team, according to Garcia.

According to Irvin, “This year I have been rowing in the three seat which is down by the bow of the boat. I switched sides from what I usually row, which is the port side to now the starboard side, which has been a new challenge facing this change. But overall it has been really fun.”

As captain, Irvin strives to create an inclusive and fun environment for every member of the team, according to Garcia.

Garcia said, “On land, she works really hard to make the team a super, warm and inviting environment. She sets a really good example of sportsmanship and integrity and kindness. Elaine is a really warm and inviting person in general so as a captain and person, she does an incredible job of building community… no matter who you are, novice or Varsity, one of her friends or someone she doesn’t know, she’ll talk to you like she’s known you for years, which is amazing.”

Irvin hopes that the younger members of the team will step up in the upcoming seasons and the team can continue to improve.

Irvin said, “I think that over my time at Andover I have seen the team grow so much. We have gone from low places to high places and I want keep building upon that momentum. I have great hopes for the team and I think all the younger girls on the team will do a great job leading the team.”