Co-Captain Katherine McIntire ’19 Is “Insane” On The Draw

Co-Captain Katherine McIntire ’19 emphasizes the importance of fitness and off-season training.

Playing lacrosse since fourth grade, Andover Girls Lacrosse Co-Captain Katherine McIntire ’19 developed the skills to be a proficient draw specialist, according teammate Annie Lord ’19 and Head Coach Heidi Wall.

“Katherine is insane on the draw control. When she gets on a roll, she can completely shift the momentum of the game with the help of other people on the circle by coming up with draw control after draw control and gaining possession for our team,” said Lord.

Coach Wall added, “Her primary role as a draw specialist is to take the draw and she’s very good at it. And when she gets possession of the ball that just kicks off our offense.”

McIntire works to set the tone for practices and games by working her hardest and encouraging her teammates to follow her example.

McIntire said, “During practices, I try to set the tone for everyone to work hard and play at game pace. I make sure that I’m doing this myself, and I also communicate with the other girls, to give them support and say things to keep them hyped up. I like to make sure that everyone on the team feels included and not afraid to play confidently and go all out.”

Lord added, “She sets the standard. Last year at spring training we learned the difference between leading by example and setting the standard. Setting the standard is really the most effective way to be a leader, and I think Katherine has really taken that lesson to heart.”

Not only does McIntire work to improve her teammates’ lacrosse ability, but she works outside of the season to constantly improve as a player and athlete.

“As captain, starting in the offseason, I’ve tried to make sure that we are doing the work for things like fitness, stickwork, et cetera. Even if it’s just little things like jogging back from drills during practice and playing wall ball, I’ve tried to make sure that as a everyone is doing the work and giving their best effort,” said McIntire.

Coach Wall added, “She’s also apt to go and work out off campus with a trainer or do extra work on her draw skills. So, I would say that her work ethic is very high: she’s very driven.”

According to Coach Wall and fellow Co-Captain Jo Caico ’19, McIntire’s dedication to improvement in the off-season is matched only by her work ethic in the season.

“Her work ethic is total dedication. When she’s at practice, she’s working super hard,” said Coach Wall. “Because she’s played a lot of lacrosse, she’s has a lot of really helpful experiences to bring to the team and just a good perspective. So, she sees things and knows where people should be in certain situations and can encourage people in that way.”

Caico added, “She plays very aggressively while simultaneously staying very composed, which is essential in the game of lacrosse… She also is great with advice and is always making sure that people know what they’re doing great at and what they might want to work on. Katherine is a super experienced lacrosse player… and she’s not afraid to share her knowledge for the benefit of the team.”