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What do you love about Ultimate?

Coach Scott Hoenig

I think I love just how the players really really get into it…For many of the players, they hadn’t played it before they came here, and so I’m taking folks that have never played before, who come out and maybe they’re on the JV team the first year, even the second year and they just, they get really into, they work really hard, they get better and they progress to the point that they’re on the Varsity team in their 11th or 12th grade year. And just to see that kind of progression is really cool. Taking players who have never played before and by the time they are done here, they are potentially ready to play at the most competitive college teams, that’s a pretty cool thing to be a part of.

Coach Steph Cormier

Ultimate has taken me around the world. I played through college and club on open, womens, and mixed teams, and most recently competed through the National level with a Boston co-ed team and a New York women’s Beach Nationals team. I coach in the Middle East, have worked with the USA National Teams at World Games and Competitions across Europe, worked with the Worlds Federation in Dubai, and more, but always found the most joy just throwing a disc with a friend. No matter where I’ve gone– work, school, travel — I’ve found a local team to play with, immediate friends, and a sense of home on whatever field I happened to be on.