The State of the Eight Schools Association

This year, The Phillipian has collaborated with several preparatory school newspapers in the Eight Schools Association (E.S.A.) to conduct a joint student body survey in hopes of gaining a better understanding of life at Andover in the context of our peer schools. In early December 2018, The Phillipian, “The Scroll” (Deerfield), “The Exonian” (Phillips Exeter Academy), and “The Bridge” (Northfield Mount Hermon) each sent out the “State of the E.S.A.” survey to their respective student bodies. “The Choate News” (Choate), “The Hotchkiss Record” (Hotchkiss), and “The Pelican” (St. Paul’s) needed approval from their school administrations in order to participate. Because “The Hotchkiss Record” was not granted necessary permissions early enough, responses from Hotchkiss’s student body were not able to be collected, according to Elizabeth Droz, Dean of Students at Hotchkiss. Because “The Choate News” and “The Pelican” were not granted necessary permissions, responses from the student bodies of Choate and St. Paul’s were not able to be collected, according to James Stanley, Dean of Students at Choate, and Aaron Marsh, Dean of Students at St. Paul’s. In an email to The Phillipian, Marsh wrote, “St. Paul’s is engaged in its own culture and climate work at this time, but hopes to participate in the Eight Schools project in the future.” “The Lawrence” (Lawrenceville) declined to participate, according to Linda Li, Editor-in-Chief of “The Lawrence.”

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