The Eighth Page

Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Spookiest Costume

The man that hustled me out of my family jewels at the local pool hall

Wear the gold chain stolen from the pawn shop after a tough loss at the Vegas casino. Tropical shirt unbuttoned three buttons down, just like Randy does it.

Best Couples Costume

A safe space and a brave space

The pencil to your paper, the squirrel to your tree, the ability to share genuine opinions to your sensitivity. It’s a match made in heaven, and in the Tang Institute.

Hardest Costume to pull off

Your Roomate

Be who your parents wish you were: smarter, funnier, better-looking, and better looking. With just a few years of preparation and deep rooted, bitter resentment, you can fail at pulling this costume off too.

Most Sinful Costume

Wanton Non-denominational religious figure

Fine, fine. Take this as an opportunity to wear as little as possible, but you had best keep your lascivity away from my good, (insert religion of choice) home.