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Head Coach Feature: Record-Smasher Lindsay Maroney ’07 Returns as Softball Coach

After a decorated, record-breaking career as a softball player for Andover, Lindsay Maroney ’07 has returned to Andover Varsity Softball once again — now as head coach.

Maroney was named Most Outstanding Player for her Lower, Upper, and Senior years. Her Senior year, she set single-season school records for batting average with a 0.679, slugging percentage with a 1.161, on-base percentage with a 0.691, and total bases earned with 65.

Additionally, Maroney tied the standing record for most triples, with seven in the 2007 season. To this day, Maroney still holds the season records for triples, batting average, slugging percentage, on-base plus slugging, and career marks in triples, total bases, and slugging percentage.

On the field, Maroney had 13 putouts, 28 assists, and three unassisted triples plays as a shortstop in her last season playing for Andover. She was awarded the team’s Gold Glove winner as Best Defensive Player. She was named an All-Star by “The Eagle Tribune” three times, a Nepsac All-Star by “The Boston Globe” three times, and the Glove’s Nepsac Player of the Year twice. Maroney was a four year starter at Andover.

After graduation, Maroney went to play with the New Hampshire Elite U-18 softball team. Maroney earned a scholarship to play softball at UMass Amherst, one of the most competitive Division I softball teams in the Northeast.

In the spring, Maroney was award the title of “Rookie of the Week” by the Atlantic 10 NCAA athletic conference two weeks in a row in April 2008.  She was named “Rookie of the Year” that year as well, and was given a spot on the 2008 First Team, the 2008 All-Rookie Team, and the 2008 All-Championship Team by the Atlantic 10 conference.

The Eastern College Athletic Conference also named Maroney “Rookie of the Year” and a second team All-Star. The awarded her NFCA All-Region first team honors.

In her first college season, Maroney earned a 0.340 batting average, the second best on her team, with eight doubles, four home runs, 26 runs batted in [RBI], and slugged 0.534.

Maroney also played well in the clutch, hitting 0.370 with runners in scoring position and leading the team in two-out RBIs with 17.

As a coach, Maroney emphasizes speedy movement and making the most of each practice.

Co-Captain Colby Beré ’18 said, “Definitely to hustle all the time and make the most of all of our practices and everything. We definitely practice the least amount of all of the teams we play, which is odd, but we definitely make use of our time and make use of our time, make sure we stay focused because it is the only time we have together.”

“She is really really into the whole effort and hustling thing as I said. Obviously things are going to wrong during games and during practices and she definitely understands that but she definitely stressing really keeping your motivation and keeping your positivity up,” continued Beré.

Maroney has used her skill to help teach and inspire the students at Andover.

Emma Slibeck ’20 said, “On the field I think Coach Maroney was an excellent hitter when she played so I would definitely say my hitting has improved a lot since coming here. I appreciate that she has taught me how to really hit the ball, and not just make contact. She also has taught me quite a bit about, I would say my fielding has improved since coming here to Andover with her coaching. We did a lot of work around getting dirty. There were some practices where we would practice laying out for balls for the whole hour or two hours so I would say in that way the whole team has gotten better at really committing to the game.”

As a former player herself, Maroney understands the value of keeping practice fun to continue to foster love for the sport.

Slibeck continued, “I think the softball team in general has made a huge impact on my Andover experience and I would say coach Maroney has really contributed to that in making me more confident as a player on and off the field so that is something I am always going to remember. Also just having a lot of fun on the team… I think that Coach Maroney understands that having fun is important to keep maintaining love of the game.”

Maroney helps maintain the focus and dedication of the team while simultaneously motivating and encouraging the team to remain positive. As a reward for the team’s continued focus, Maroney often concludes practice with a more fun drill that also develops technique.

When the team is down Maroney continues to encourage and motivated the team.

Slibeck concluded, “Especially at some games we can get kind of down but I think she keeps reminding us that we are the ones that can start the rally. We have to do this for ourselves. I think carrying that on is something that I have learned to do, not giving up and stuff. Sometimes we will get down in games and you would expect her to get really down and frustrated but we will come in for a huddle and she will pump us up to start a rally and remind us that we can do this and we have to start this rally for ourselves.”

After three years as an assistant coach at Andover, Maroney has just completed her first season as head coach.