Photo Essay: Dogs

This week’s photo essay features photos of dogs.

Nugget, is a 15-pound 11-month-old Cocker Spaniel–Poodle mix, who enjoys spending time on the couch with owner Rachna Lewis ‘19.

Elise MacDonald ’19 engages with an enamored puppy during an inning changeover at a softball game last spring.

A French Terrier distances itself from its owner to watch an ongoing lacrosse game.

Shanti — a Border Collie and Pyrenees mix —attempts to emulate human fashion.

Bosky stares tiredly at his favorite toy after a bout of playing.

Choco, a dog residing in Stearns House, looks off into the distance with a hippo toy in its mouth.

Scully Isabella Har, a four-year-old Lab–Shar Pei mix born in the hills of Tennessee, poses patiently for a picture being taken by her owner Patricia Har, Instructor in English.

Lucy, a muggle and pet of Ananda Kao ‘18, looks up with mournful eyes.

During an 18-hour road trip, Levi (left), an Australian Shepherd, and Chama (right), a Blue Healer mix, slump down in the back of the car.

A family-friendly dog waits patiently on the porch for a treat from Daisy Tuller ‘20.

A dog accompanies the family of Daisy Tuller ‘19 and eagerly looks around during an outdoor concert

Sadie is a five-year-old Australian Shepherd from Burlington, Vt. She enjoys carrots and spending time with her owner, Zora Stewart ‘19.

Two small dogs reveal their sharp teeth during a playful fight.