Photo Essay: HUACA Peru Trip

This week’s photo essay features photos taken on the HUACA Peru Trip.

A boy carries his lamb as we stop for fresh air at 13,000 vertical feet.


A church is reflected onto the flag of Cuzco — the former capital of the Inca Empire.


On our last day the village prepares a traditional Pachamanca, or a traditional Peruvian dish cooked underground with hot rocks.


A nine-year-old girl walking with her sister through the mountains above the Sacred Valley stop to speak with us.


The stars on our last night of the hike with our final destination in the valley below.


The trail dropped off severely in parts of the hike leading hundreds of feet into a deep valley.


We finished the trip with a game of cards by candlelight, that despite the language barrier, brought us countless laughs.


Overlooking the city of Cusco at night.


A woman stands on guard in front of a fountain in Huaraz, Peru.


A police officer stands perfectly still in Cusco while members of our group walk past.


The stars on the first night of our five day trek.


A Quechua boy stands in the doorway of the community center in his village, seven hours from the nearest city.


A mother points toward something with her child dressed in traditional clothing at a Corpus Christi parade in Cusco.


Our group treks through sand dunes back to the bus after visiting an archaeological site in the desert.